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Know How To Get Blessings Of Goddess Lakshmi

Wealth is an inevitable part of our lives. Everybody wants to be in the good book of Goddess Lakshmi. Out of all the Hindu Gods, Goddess Lakshmi has special significance. All people irrespective of their age, caste and group wishes to have her blessing on them.

However, Goddess Lakshmi is extremely unstable; she prefers staying in motion. She tends to move from one place to another in a blink. It takes a lot of effort and praising to make her stay at a place.

Goddess Lakshmi is also known as Shri the better half of Supreme Being. Worshipping her welcomes wealth and abundance in an individual’s life. According to the Goddess Lakshmi story, she can bestow 16 types of wealth on a person’s life.

To be precise, here is what you can expect from the Goddess: Fame, knowledge, courage and strength, victory, good children, valour, gold, gems and other valuables, grains, happiness, intelligence, beauty, higher aim, higher thinking, morality, good health, and long life.

If you look at Goddess Lakshmi facts, she is most worshipped or celebrated God in Hindu houses. Out of all days, Friday is the auspicious day to worship the Shri. Also, the fourth, fifth and sixth day of Navratri is considered as the best days to please the Goddess and ask her blessings in your life.
In this article, we have gathered a few tips to please the Goddess Lakshmi and invite her to your place.

Goddess Lakshmi appreciates cleanliness. She resides in a place that is well maintained and clean in every sense. She prefers to stay in places that are peaceful, beautiful and pure in vibes. So, to welcome Shri to your home, make sure to clean every corner of your home; keeps things in a proper state and get rid of the garbage or excess scrap in house.

Goddess Lakshmi comes to your house through your main entrance door. Grand and beautiful entrance attract the Goddess, and she enters your home to live. You might have heard from your elders about doing Rangoli at your entrance. Use Goddess Lakshmi favourite colours like red, gold and yellow for making Rangoli more impactful. Some people use Ashoka tree or mango tree leafs torans to make the main door looks welcoming.

Lotus is very close to Goddess Lakshmi, and it is her favourite flower. She always carries it with her. Therefore, if you use lotus flowers to decorate your house. Goddess Lakshmi sure comes to your place. Lotus represents purity and wealth. You can keep lotus rosary in your pooja ghar and chant Goddess Lakshmi mantra to make your heart filled with purity, love and kindness.

There are plenty of Yantras available in Hindu mythology. Out of them all, Shri Yantra is the most powerful and superior one. If you worship it properly as per rules, it brings in prosperity and luck to your house. Place it in your pooja room and worship it daily to enhance its influences on your life. Do you know where to keep Lakshmi photo at home? Keep it in the northern direction as it represents wealth.

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Did you know the other name of coconut is Shriphal? Goddess Lakshmi is fond of coconut and loves it as bhog. The fruit is considered holy and auspicious. Goddess Lakshmi worship involves shriphal to make her happier.

Moti Shankh is a type of conch with the lustre of pearls. This conch is a rare type and has spiritual significance in Hindu mythology. It is believed that this kind of conch has positive influences or powers to attract good fortune and wealth in the place it resides. Also, Goddess Lakshmi loves this conch. So, if you want to invite Goddess Lakshmi to your house, try getting a Moti Shankha. Remember to keep it wrapped in clean cloth of red, yellow or white colour.

Tulsi is considered to be the most auspicious plant that symbolizes Shri. Lighting a lamp and worshipping it daily brings prosperity and wealth. Every house that prays to Tulsi has blessings of all the Gods on them. To invite or impress Goddess Lakshmi plant a Tulsi outside your house and lit a lamp near it regularly.

Here you can read the effective ideas on how to get blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Use all of these to maintain the flow of wealth generously to your house. Keep in mind that Goddess will stay in your house if you are following these tips without any fail.

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