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Parshuram Jayanti Greetings

Parshuram Jayanti Greetings

Parshuram Jayanti or Parshuram Dwadasi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. God Parshuram was born on the third day of Shukla Paksha of the Hindi month of Vaisakha. He was born during Pradosh Kala and hence, on this day when Tritiya prevails during Pradosh Kala, it is considered best for Parshuram Jayanti celebrations. The Kalki Puran states that Parshuram is the martial guru of Shri Kalki the tenth and final incarnation of the avatar of Lord Vishnu in Kalyug.

Moreover, Parshuram Jayanti is also celebrated as Akshaya Tritiya. The day marks the beginning of the Treta Yuga and it is believed that good deeds performed on this day never go unrewarded. Thus, this day is religiously important and is observed as Parshuram Jayanti.

Parshuram Jayanti is marked as an important day as per Hindu scriptures, as Lord Parshuram, a form of Lord Vishnu, was born in the Shukla Paksha of Vaisakh on the Tritiya day. Parshuram means Rama with an axe. Thus, Lord Parshuram carries an axe in his hand, a weapon which symbolizes truth, courage and the destruction of vanity or pride. It is believed that on this day he descended on Earth to save it from the barbarity of the Kshatriyas. Parshuram had immense knowledge, was a great warrior and lived for the benefit of mankind. His character seems flawless in the ancient religious texts.

Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated with lots of dedication and excitement. In 2024, Parshuram Jayanti will fall on Thursday 9 May,  same day on Akshaya Tritiya. The Tritiya Tithi or Muhurat will commence at 6:47 PM on 9 May 2024 and will end at 5:20 PM on 10 May 2024.

Lord Parshuram, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu, was born to Renuka and Jamadagni, one of the Saptrishis or Seven Rishis. He is considered to be the epitome of devotion and love for parents. As per Hindu texts it is believed that once his father, after a heated argument with his mother asked him to kill her. Without a second thought, Parshuram instantly killed his mother. Impressed by his obedience, he asked him for a boon on which he was quick to ask back for his mother’s life by just saying ”Mother”. Hence, he got back his mother’s life without lifting any weapon or hurting anybody.

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According to the epic Mahabharata Vana Parva, Kartavirya Arjuna was a legendary king of an ancient empire called Haihayas (in Madhya Pradesh), who became self-obsessed with his powers. Arrogance made him resort to atrocities against humans, Gods, and Yakshas. During the same period, he happened to visit the hermitage of Renuka and Jamadagni who warmly welcomed him. But a vain Kartavirya was blind-folded with pride and in exchange for the couple’s kindness, he demanded an offensive return. Jamadagni denied his offer and was killed. The ruthless king also slaughtered his sacred cow Kamadhenu. To avenge his father’s death Parshuram killed Kartavirya and pledged to destroy the Kshatriya monarchs. Fearing death, the kings fled to distant places. Kashyap Muni who was a testimony to this sight pacified Parshuram and asked him to leave Earth and reside in the mountains. Since then, Lord Parshuram has been residing on the Mahendra mountain.

It is also believed that Parshuram is the martial guru of Shri Kalki and was present at the betrothal ceremony of Sita and Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, in the Treta Yug.

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According to the Gregorian calendar, Parshuram Jayanti falls on the Tritiya of Shukla Paksha.

  • Devotees observe a fast, the day before the night and through the Tritiya day.
  • They bathe before sunrise, wear tidy Puja clothes and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. They also smear sandalwood to the idol and place basil leaves, vermillion, flowers, and sweets before the deity.
  • Moreover, couples longing for a male child can get their desire fulfilled by observing a fast on this day.
  • People refrain from consuming pulses or cereals, and survive the day on fruits, juices, milk or Satvik food.

It is believed that unlike the other avatars of Lord Vishnu, Parshuram is immortal and resides in the mountains. Thus, he is not worshipped as Ram or Krishna. There are many temples of Lord Parshuram on the western coast of India, and a major temple exists at Pajaka near Udupi, Karnataka.

Get special blessings on Parshuram Jayanti by chanting the following verses:
‘ॐ ब्रह्मक्षत्राय विद्महे क्षत्रियान्ताय धीमहि तन्नो राम: प्रचोदयात्।।’
‘ॐ जामदग्न्याय विद्महे महावीराय धीमहि धन्नो परशुराम: प्रचोदयात्।।’
‘ॐ मां मां ॐ मां मां परशुहस्ताय नम:।।’

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