Explore Various Designs, Colours and Shapes For The Artistic Rangolis This Navratri

Explore Various Designs, Colours and Shapes For The Artistic Rangolis This Navratri

Rangolis are some of the most delightful forms of art that make festivals even more vibrant. These colourful art works render a real festive feel and are also known to generate positive vibrations through a pleasant visual appeal. Even during Navratri, the Rangolis are quite popular and there are various beautiful and elaborate designs that are prepared. In this article, explore what sort of designs, shapes and colours should be used for the Rangolis.

Pratipada: Spread the hue of bright Red dots at the centre and white border to invite positive energy at home.

Dwitiya: Design a Circular Rangoli in royal blue dot.

Tritiya: Design a Triangular Rangoli in yellow dots in order to create a positive aura of Jupiter. Place oil lamps to attract magnetic vibes of Chandraghanta.

Chaturthi: Draw a Square Rangoli in Green at the centre with Yellow or Orange in the border. This will create a soothing effect for your eye.

Panchami: Paint your floor with Pentagon shaped Rangoli in Grey with blue in the outer shades and border.

Maha Shashthi: Decorate Rectangular Rangoli with the vibrant hue of Orange dots and shades of Green. It will invite growth, charisma, and power.

Maha Saptami: Cover your floor with auspicious Swastik Rangoli in white colour to pacify Goddess Kaalratri. You can also use dark colours like black or red in the borders.

Maha Ashtami: Paint a Lotus shaped Rangoli in pink as the grand theme colour with shades of white or green through which you invite can Maha Gauri to boost up health and emotional well-being.

Maha Nabami: Prepare an Omkar shaped Rangoli in sky blue.

Ganesha wishes all a colourful and vibrant Navratri.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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