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The 24 Tirthankaras Of Jainism, Gain Huge Inner Strength And Positivity

The 24 Tirthankaras Of Jainism, Gain Huge Inner Strength And Positivity

Jainism is one of the oldest existing religions in the world, with some scholars tracing its origin to the pre-Vedic, Indus Valley Civilisation. Going by this view, Jainism’s birth is stated by some to preceed even Hinduism, making it world’s most antique religion. Followers of Jainism may be numerically small today, but they exert an influence which is far greater than their population.

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Jainism is about simple living and non-violence (Ahimsa). Jainism is a way of life based on the teachings of 24 Tirthankaras, of whom Lord Mahavira was the last and most prominent The word Tirthankara signifies the founder of a tirtha which means a fordable passage across the sea of interminable births and deaths (called saṃsāra). Tirthankaras are variously called “Teaching Gods”, “Ford-Makers”, “Crossing Makers” and “Makers of the River-Crossing.

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The 24 Tirthankaras have taken birth over last several thousands of years and taught the law of Dharma (Righteousness). It is interesting that each of these Tirthankaras represent a symbol. So, here find the names, birthplace, symbols, etc of each of the 24 Tirthankaras:

The 24 Tirthankaras With Their Details:

Sr.No Name Symbol Birthplace Colour Age
1 Rishabhanatha (Adinatha) Bull Ayodhya Golden 84,00,000 Purva
2 Ajitanatha Elephant Ayodhya Golden 72,00,000 Purva
3 Sambhavanatha Horse Shravasti Golden 60,00,000 Purva
4 Abhinandananatha Monkey Samet Sikhar Golden 50,00,000 Purva
5 Sumatinatha Heron Ayodhya Golden 40,00,000 Purva
6 Padmaprabha Padma Samet Sikhar Red 30,00,000 Purva
7 Suparshvanatha Swastika Samet Sikhar Golden 20,00,000 Purva
8 Chandraprabha Crescent Moon Chandrapuri White 10,00,000 Purva
9 Pushpadanta Crocodile Kakandi White 2,00,000 Purva
10 Shitalanatha Shrivatsa Bhadrikpuri Golden 1,00,000 Purva
11 Shreyanasanatha Rhinoceros Samet Sikhar Golden 84,00,000 Years
12 Vasupujya Buffalo Champapuri Red 72,00,000 Years
13 Vimalanatha Boar Kampilya Golden 60,00,000 Years
14 Anantanatha Falcon Ayodhya Golden 30,00,000 Years
15 Dharmanatha Vajra Ratnapuri Golden 10,00,000 Years
16 Shantinatha Antelope or deer Hastinapur Golden 1,00,000 Years
17 Kunthunatha Goat Hastinapur Golden 95,000 Years
18 Aranatha Nandyavarta or fish Hastinapur Golden 84,000 Years
19 Māllīnātha Kalasha Mithila Blue 55,000 Years
20 Munisuvrata Tortoise Kusagranagar Black 30,000 Years
21 Naminatha Blue lotus Mithila Golden 10,000 Years
22 Neminatha Shankha Dvaraka Black 1,000 Years
23 Parshvanatha Snake Kashi Blue 100 Years
24 Mahavira Lion Kshatriyakund Golden 72 Years

Below are the names of the future 24 Tirthankaras who are going to apear in the next time cycle as per Jain Cosmology.
1) Padmanabha (King Shrenika)
2) Surdev (Mahavira’s uncle Suparshva)
3) Suparshva (King Kaunik’s son king Udayin)
4) Svamprabh (The ascetic Pottil)
5) Sarvanubhuti (Śrāvaka Dridhayadha)
6) Devshruti (Kartik’s Shreshti)
7) (Shravak Shamkha)
8) Pedhalputra (Shravak Ananda)
9) Pottil (Shravak Sunand)
10) (Sharavak Shatak)
11) Munivrat (Krishna’s mother Devaki)
12) Amam (Krishna)
13) Shrinishkashay (Satyaki Rudhra also Satyaki of Mahabharata)
14) Nishpulak (Krishna’s brother Balbhadra also known as Balrama)
15) Nirmam (Shravika Sulsa)
16) Chitragupta (Krishna’s brother’s mother Rohini Devi)
17) Samadhinath (Revati Gathapatni)
18) Samvarnath (Sharavak Shattilak)
19) Yashodhar (Rishi Dwipayan)
20) Vijay (Karna of Mahabharata)
21) Malyadev (Nirgranthaputra or Mallanarada)
22) Devachandra (Shravak Ambadh)
23) Anantvirya (Shravak Amar)
24) Shribhadrakar (Shanak)

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