Mahavira Jayanti: Receive His Special Grace And Blessings On This Important Day

6 Apr 2020

Mahavir Jayanti   

What is Mahavir Jayanti?

Mahavir Jayanti, also known as Mahavir Janma Kalyanak, is one of the most important religious festivals for Jains. It celebrates the birth of Mahavir, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara. And after 2 days of this festival, on 6th April, 2020, people celebrate the birth of Lord Hanuman as Hanuman Jayanti. As per the Gregorian calendar, the holiday occurs either in March or April. According to Jain texts, Mahaveer was born on the thirteenth day of the bright half of the moon in the month of Chaitra in the year 599 BCE (Chaitra Sud 13).

About Mahavir Jayanti Festival:

When austerity of the world was never felt, when the world saw the differences between the rich and the poor, at that auspicious time there was a person who was driven to establish a mission of having a life full of peace and prosperity. He is none other than Mahavir Jain, the founder of Jainism in India and the last Tirthankar. Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated as the auspicious birth anniversary of Mahavir Jain. Being an auspicious occasion for the Jain community, Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated with much enthusiasm at all the Jain temples especially in Girnar and Palitana in Gujarat; Sri Mahavirji in Rajasthan; Parasnath Temple of Kolkata and Pawapuri in Bihar. Many Jains engage themselves in the charitable activities keeping in minds that they will get liberation. Some give lectures in the temple to distribute the virtues of Jain doctrine. Traditional dishes are prepared on Mahavir Jayanti and are served to the poor. Overall, being honest and simple are the best traits on Mahavir Jayanti.

Sixteen Powerful Dreams of Trishala before the Birth of Mahavir Jain:

Do you know, just before Mahavir was born, His mother Trishala had seen sixteen dreams? Mahavir Jain was born at four o’clock in the morning, which is considered auspicious in Jainism and Hinduism.


Objects of the Dream



A white elephant

A mother will give birth to a child of good moral values


A lion



Goddess Lakshmi

Wealth and prosperity


The Full Moon

Peace and support


A pair of jumping fish

Attractive appearance


The Sun

Supreme Knowledge


A lake full of lotus flowers

Compassionate nature


A celestial palace



A throne of rubies and diamonds

Son will become the world teacher


A garland

Popularity and admire from society


A bull

The birth of a famous religious teacher who will spread the spirit of knowledge and peace.


Mandara flowers

Softness and politeness


A Golden pot



A vessel full of gems

Virtues and Wisdom


Rough ocean

Infinite achievement


Residence of Nagendra

Child will have clairvoyance

Significance of Mahavir Jayanti

During Mahavir’s birth, the surroundings were believed to be extremely peaceful. Gods and goddesses from the heavens pay homage to the Tirthankara. They bathed the little Tirthankara ceremonially and named him Vardhaman and Mahavira. Later at the age of thirty, Mahavir left the material world and began meditation. After twelve years of continuous meditation under an Ashoka tree, Mahavir Jain attained enlightenment. 
Mahavir (Mahaveer Janma Kalyanak) travelled across India and delivered His lessons to eradicate superstition and other false beliefs. He established dharma in order to establish moral values, ethics, and truthfulness. Mahavir preached non-violence and prohibited killing. He also said that human beings can gain a lot of virtues just by meditating and observing fasts.

Mahavir Jayanti Rituals

Maintain austerity and observe fast throughout the day.
Decorate your puja room with the flowers.
Visit Jain temples.
Give a ceremonial bath to the idol of Mahabir. 
Offer flowers, rice, fruits and it with milk to the statue of Mahavir.
Fix the flag at the top of the temple.
Get the idol of Mahabir ready for a grand procession.
Chant Mahavir Jayanti prayers.
Serve clothes, money, food or any basic needs to the poor. 
Preach the philosophy of spiritual freedom, core values and ethics of Mahavira. 
Prepare and serve kheer on the auspicious day of Mahavir Jayanti. 

Namokar Mantra - Navkar Mantra:

Namah Arihantanam
Namah Siddhhanam
Namah Ayariyanam
Namah Uvjhayanam 
Namah Loye Savva Saahunam
Aiso Panch Namahkkaro
Savva Paav Panasano 
Manglanancha Savvesim 
Padhmam Havei Mangalam 

Namokar Mantra Meaning:

My obeisance to all Arihantas (enlightened souls)
My obeisance to all Siddhas (liberated souls)
My obeisance to all Acharyas (religious leaders)
My obeisance to all Upadhyayas (religious teachers)
My obeisance to all Sadhus (saints and monks).
"Navkar Mantra" is the supreme and omnipotent and is meant for the goodness of mankind.

Benefits of Mahavir Jayanti - Life’s Important Lessons from Lord Mahavir:

Mahavir is best known for His welfare of common man. He wanted to establish truth and peace. In the above prayer, Jains do not ask for any material benefits from Tirthankaras or from monks or nuns. They do not pray to a specific Tirthankara or monk by name. You will gain inspiration from the above mantras for the right path to true happiness or enlightenment and freedom from miseries.

Mahavir Jayanti Festival Date in 2020:

Mahavir Jayanti falls on
April 6, 2020


Ganesha wishes you a Happy Mahavir Jayanti.
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