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Will Stars Give A Boost To Smith’s Will?

Will Smith, who was seen in films like ‘Ali’, ‘Men in Black,’ and ‘Independence Day,’ is recently making headlines for his autobiography named ‘Will’. The book was launched earlier this month and included his personal experiences. The American actor is attempting to tell a story about his career and life, covering his childhood in West Philadelphia to his rise to stardom as an actor, rapper, and even a film producer. He is a four-time Grammy winner and has been nominated for two Academy Awards.

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Born in Philadelphia on Sept 25, 1968, Will Smith has Venus in Libra, and Mercury is with the Moon. These planets are the reason why he achieved such great success in the entertainment industry. This also makes him a very romantic person. Furthermore, there is also the conjunction of Sun and Ketu, which creates Grahan Dosha, which leads to many ups and downs in his life.

If we talk about his upcoming time, then Jupiter is transiting in Aquarius, and it is passing in front of the natal Jupiter and Mars, due to which his coming time may be promising.

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