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Will Sanjay Dutt get bail – million dollar question

Will Sanjay Dutt get bail – million dollar question

Whatever has happened till now with Sanjubaba indicates that justice is same for all, be it a star or beggar.

On August 10, i.e. tomorrow, Supreme Court will hear his plea for bail.

Ganesha is really anxious to see what stars have in store for Sanjay Dutt. So, now Ganesha opens the almanac and checks planetary positions.

Sanjay Dutt is under the influence of Jupiter major period, Venus sub period and sub sub period of Jupiter rules till September 22, 2007. Jupiter is placed in the 12th house and Venus is 12th house Lord. This factor in principle indicates ‘no escape’ situation at first sight.

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Transiting Moon in Gemini indicates that even Court will be in dilemma what to do. Although this sounds odd, Ganesha presumes that Supreme Court will take time to arrive at decision. Judges might have to think over the matter again and again as they may feel the strong need of reconsideration.

Transiting Moon is in the sign ruled by Gemini and in Sanjay Dutt’s Solar Return Chart, Mercury is in Gemini. This means that his advocate would be able to smart-play to get him the bail.

The only factor saving him from all the troubles is transiting Jupiter, which is approaching the degree of Ascendant. Most benevolent Guru Maharaj (Jupiter) may prove to be Messiah for him, feels Ganesha.

On the day he is going for hearing, transiting Moon is forming opposition with his Natal Saturn. This means, we will have to be patient for the decision, delay is envisaged.

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Summarily, although there are scopes of getting bail on the day of hearing, Sanjay Dutt may not be relieved forever and he may have to return to jail or remain under ‘house arrest’ situation.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team