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Why Nora Fatehi Got Into Trouble With Law Enforcement?

Nora Fatehi is known for her dancing skills, and because of that, she has featured in many movies and songs where fans have gone gaga over her. However, after her contemporary Jacqueline Fernadez, Nora also might be in trouble with the Enforcement Directorate, an enforcement agency, regarding financial matters. It is believed that her alleged connections with the conman Suresh Chandrashekhar have landed her in trouble. Suresh had gifted Nora Fatehi two luxury cars.

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If we take a look at her birth chart, the conjunction of Mars, Venus, and Rahu in the same house is working against her. These planets may be the reason behind the challenges that she faces in her life. Her problems, however, do not stop there. An unfavourable transit of Saturn over her horoscope’s Sun and Saturn isn’t helping either. Both these combinations point to some tough eight to nine months for her. She will be in troubling waters under the radar of ED.

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