What Makes Vir Das Controversy’s Favourite Child?

Published on November 18, 2021

What Makes Vir Das Controversy’s Favourite Child?

Vir Das is one of the very few stand-up comedians of Indian origin who is known worldwide. Many times, his humour makes a social commentary on society, ruffling the feathers of many. In one such incident, the comedian is stuck in a controversy where his comments on women’s safety in India rubbed people the wrong way. The comments come from the recent set he performed at John F. Kennedy Performing Arts in Washington DC, USA. After the incident, he also made it clear that his intention was not to insult the country.

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Born on May 31, 1979, in Dehradun, Vir Das has Venus with Mars in his horoscope. On top of that, the Moon is with an exalted Jupiter. These combinations bestow him with luck and make him a centre of attraction. However, there is a Shapit Dosh of Shani-Rahu in the horoscope, which brings controversies along. Right now, Rahu is transiting over his natal Sun, which may be creating negative publicity for him. In the coming eight months also, he needs to be a little cautious.

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