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Planets of Tapsee Pannu: An Astrological Analysis

People were eagerly waiting for Taapsee Pannu’s Tamil film Annabelle Sethupathi, released on Sept 17, 2021. Taapsee started her career with South Indian films, which can be marked as her comeback to that industry. Known for making the right choices with her scripts, she has been applauded by many for her outspoken yet grounded characters. Let’s fast forward the tale of time to see what her future holds for her.

Born on Aug 1, 1987, in Delhi, Taapsee’s coming to films cannot be said to be a coincidence. The combination of Mars, Venus, and Sun is visible in Taapsee’s Surya Kundali. People with prominent Mars and Venus are often seen associated with entertainment or news.

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Taapsee’s Mercury is in its own sign, due to which she is very careful in the choice of her films. And we all know about the selection of her unique films. Be it ‘Haseen Dilruba’ or ‘Badla’, Taapsee never seems to hesitate in trying something new. However, her horoscope has something else to say!

The combination of Chandra and Ketu shows that she often faces dilemmas in the choice of films. But due to the influence of Mars and Venus, her films definitely hit the right note.

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