Will Shahid Kapoor get married in 2015? Probes Ganesha….

Once the youth icon of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor recently broke the hearts of many Indian girls when he disclosed his wedding plans recently. He said that he planned to get married by December 2015, to someone who doesn’t belong to the film industry, as it would help him get a different perspective of life. From all accounts, it looks set to be Mira Rajput, a Delhi-based college girl, who has finally made her way into the actor’s heart. The match was arranged, and the duo met through a religious group. While Shahid is busy with his shooting schedules, it appears Mira is busy doing up their new house. Shahid, who made an early mark with his romantic comedy Ishq Vishk, for which he also won a Filmfare award for Best Male Debut. He is also known for his subsequent hits like Fida, Shikhar, Vivah, Jab We Met, Kaminey, Badmaash Company and most recently Haider. He has loads of versatile talent and spark, beneath his calm and innocent exterior. Shahid is young and vibrant, with a charismatic pull and easy-going candour which sets him apart from the rest the pack in Bollywood.

Will Shahid get married this year? And, will he manage to keep his on-screen charisma intact after his marriage? Ganesha looks at the stars in Shahid’s Solar Horoscope to foretell.

Shahid Kapoor
Date of birth:- 25 February 1981
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- Delhi

Shahid Kapoor’s Surya Kundli


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Will Shahid Kapoor get married in 2015?

Ganesha observes that between July 2015 and August 2016, the transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Shahid’ Natal Venus, Mars and Sun. Venus and Mars conjunction in the actor’s Chart indicates the scope of his marriage to a person of his liking. In other words, such a starry alignment points at a love marriage. Ask questions regarding your marriage to our expert like when will I get married Indian Astrology?

Now, in case of Shahid and Mira, this is a subjective thing – and we really can’t say whether this qualifies as a love or an arranged marriage.

Overall, though, as per Shahid’s Solar Horoscope, his Yoga for marriage gets stronger from the 2015’s last quarter itself. However, there are many chances of a delay here, owing to Saturn’s ongoing adverse transit.

Thus, looking at the bigger picture, Ganesha feels that Haider Kapoor shall surely get married in the near future, but there are high chances that the marriage may only get finalised by August 2016 and solemnized till 2016 end.

How will be Shahid Kapoor's married life?

As Venus is in Dhanishtha constellation in the peppy actor’s Surya Kundli, it is very likely that he will have a happy married life, brimming with intense love.

However, as Venus and Mars are in conjunction with the Sun in Shahid’s Chart, he may also face friction with his life partner. His Natal Venus is placed in Aquarius sign, which ruled by Saturn, so Shahid will also need to handle his married life very patiently. Plus, a lot too shall depend on Shahid’s life partner’s Chart and the match between the two Charts.

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What kind of a husband will Shahid Kapoor prove to be?

Stars indicate that the charismatic actor will prove to be a loving husband. He will be very intense as a lover. He may be possessive too, as three planets are posited in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius in Shahid’s Solar Horoscope. He may need to cultivate more patience, in order to adjust with his life partner. Although he would be very loving, Kapoor may also prove to equally dominating as a husband, feels Ganesha.

Can we expect Shahid Kapoor to appear in main-screen movies, after his award winning Haider portrayal?

During 2016, we can expect Shahid Kapoor to appear in some big budget, much awaited movie, as the transiting Jupiter will then be aspecting the Stellium of planets in his Natal Chart–which Shahid has in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius. This planetary Stellium in the actor’s Solar Horoscope includes Venus – the significator of creative fields and Sun – the significator of fame – both of which are extremely important for an actor.

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Any special points...

Between January 2016 and July 2017, when the transiting Ketu (South Node) moves over Shahid’s Natal Venus, Sun and Mars, he will have to be very careful against a physical injury, or will have to guard against possible ailments. In short, his health and well being will require care during that period.

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Ganesha wishes the talented actor well.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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