Salman will need to take care of his health in 2015, says Ganesha.

The super popular, macho Bollywood star with dreamy eyes and a face and physique to die for, Salman Khan, who refuses to get old, encountered huge success with his first lead role in the 1990 Hindi feature film Maine Pyaar Kiya. His portrayal of a young passionate romantic lover stole the hearts of many. Since then there has been no looking back for the romantic hero, and as of today, he is among the most successful Bollywood actors who give one after another box office hit films.

Salman was involved in controversies, including the black-buck hunting scandal – for which he was charged under the Wildlife Protection Act, and an unfortunate hit and run incident. He is also known for his tumultuous personal and love life, yet the Bollywood fans, especially women refuse to get tired of his lovely personality.

Salman Khan, among industry insiders and the ones who have been in touch with him, is also known well for his golden heart. He is involved with many charities, and is known to reach out to people in need, thus, proving that above all he gives priority to humanity. He is also known to have mentored many a Bollywood aspirant and stars, including Hrithik Roshan, in body and personality building.

On 27th December 2014, Salman Khan celebrates his 49th birthday, and we heartily wish that he does soon stumble upon the love of his life and ties the sacred nuptial knot.

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Astrological Observations

Salman will be under the influence of a Saturn major period and Mars sub period from 26th February 2015 onwards

Saturn is placed in the 11th House of his Chart in its own Sign – thus, Saturn is Swagruhi. Mars is in the 10th House of his Chart, placed in its Sign of exaltation, which blesses him with a wonderful physique and an athletic way of life.

Astrological Predictions

  • Salman is going to give some very good movies during 2015.
  • More of his action oriented films are likely to release, because Mars is exalted in his Chart and in 2015 Salman’s Mars sub period too will be ruling.
  • Some of his movies or shows may top the box office, or may remain on high TRPs
  • Salman as a producer too – will do well. He will live up to his mark, there is no doubt about it.
  • He will, however, have to control aggression throughout the year, otherwise he may face trouble.
  • Salman’s financial progress is likely to be really good in 2015.
  • Rahu’s transit through Salman’s 6th House and Saturn’s transit through his 8th House, however, are going to remain tough for his health. He will have to be very very careful, while working on action sequences and must avoid high level of risk.

Analysis of Salman Khan’s Kundli to tell why hasn’t he gotten married yet, and why has he failed in love so many time


a planet of very long cycle is in the 7th house of his chart, this is one of the major reasons behind the delay in marriage.

Mars is the catalyst, Venus is the significator of love. As he is born with exalted Mars and as Venus is placed with exalted Mars – he has been in multiple relationships. As Venus is placed in Capricorn sign ruled by Saturn and as Saturn is the slowest moving planet (which is Swagruhi in his chart thus powerful) he has been looking for ‘ideal most match’ from all the angles for getting married.

When will he get married?

Rahu is transiting through the 6th house of his Chart. Saturn is transiting through the 8th House. As the 7th House of marriage is in Paap Kartari Yoga, due to these two transiting planets – chances of him getting married in the nearer future (at least during the year ahead) are lesser.

What kind of spouse is he expected to get?

His spouse will be from a good family or she herself will be a reputed person. She will be quite sincere in love and will be wealthy too.

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Ganesha wishes well to the attractive star!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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