Due to the planets being in a ‘Golmaal’ mode, it’s better Rohit takes things easy till August ‘ 16..

Born to a movie fight master father and a Bollywood artist mother, it seems that Rohit Shetty was destined to have great interest in films and eventually make it big! The gutsy director, who has a penchant for blowing up cars on the big screen, is known for mass entertainer movies like the Golmaal Series, All The Best and Chennai Express. His last directorial venture – Dilwale, which brought on-screen Bollywood’s most charismatic pair – Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, didn’t perform as well he would have expected. In this article, let’s find out what the planets indicate about his future path with the help of the stars….

Rohit Shetty
Date of birth: 14th March, 1974
Time of Birth: Unavailable
City of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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Astrological Observations:

  • Transiting Jupiter in the Sign of Leo and its inter-relation with the Natal planets till 11th August, 2016, will be as under:

1. 5th House Aspect on Natal Rahu in Sagittarius
2. 7th House Aspect on Natal Jupiter, Sun and Mercury

  • Post the aforesaid date, Jupiter will move to the Sign of Virgo and will be aspecting his Natal Venus and Mars.
  • Ketu will be transiting over Natal Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury during the year ahead.
  • Transiting Saturn will be aspecting his Natal Venus and Mars till January 2017.
  • As Moon didn’t change its sign between 00 hours and 23 hours 59 min. on the day of his birth, it’s safe to say that his Moon is in Scorpio. Thus, he is under the influence of the 2nd Phase of Shani’s Saade Saati.

Astrological Predictions:

Planets indicating a hiatus?

  • Ganesha foresees a longer ‘intermission’ in Rohit’s life currently. The transiting planets do not indicate a very encouraging picture for his creative endeavours and things may take longer to get accomplished and this may cause some frustration for the director of the Golmaal series fame.

Career as Director to be under the clouds?

  • His career as a director may not remain very bright till 11th August 2016. But after that, when transiting Jupiter aspects his natal Venus, we will again get to see some good film by Rohit Shetty.

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Beware of Controversies!

  • His public image may remain under the dark clouds till August 2017 due to Ketu’s transit over natal Sun. In view of the same, he is advised to stay miles away from the controversies.

Health Needs Care…

  • The combined transits of Saturn and Ketu and their influences on the Natal planets may have a deleterious effect on his health. He will have to exercise extreme caution while either performing stunts or either getting the action scenes conducted for his films. In short, he will have to take good care of his health during the year ahead and will have to avoid stressing himself too much.

Saturn’s Sade Sati – Rohit also to face the wrath of the Cosmic Taskmaster?

  • Not really, says Ganesha. It is not only about facing the wrath, but it is instead about getting to learn some of the best life lessons, says Ganesha. Saturn will play the role of the stabiliser in Shetty’s life currently. But, the strict planet doesn’t teach things the easy way, and thus Rohit may face a lot of delays in his projects and he will have to put exceptional efforts to make things work!

Small Screen Endeavours:

  • While time till August 2016 seems somewhat dull for Rohit, Ganesha feels that his small screen appearances might increase and that he decide to more actively involve in small screen projects.

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The Summary:

  • Summarily, Ganesha feels that the year ahead is going to remain somewhat ordinary and not too happening for Rohit Shetty as a director. Within 1 year from 11th August 2016, we can expect Rohit to come up with interesting and blockbuster movies again.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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