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‘Sun In Leo’ Blesses Godfather De Niro with an amazing charisma….

‘Sun In Leo’ Blesses Godfather De Niro with an amazing charisma….

The great Hollywood actor and icon Robert De Niro may not have had a great beginning to his acting career, as he waited for 5 years for his first film to release in the year 1969, but he certainly had a dream run, once he finally got down to show his works to the world. The multiple Academy Awards winning actor, Niro gained momentum, once he was superbly received by the audiences and critics alike in his 1974 film The Godfather II, where he played the iconic role of Vito Corleone, which won his the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor. Around the same time, Niro also began his long work relationship with the famous director Martin Scorsese with the film Mean Streets. The hugely successful and respected Niro earned his Academy Award as the Best Actor for his role in Scorsese’s film Raging Bull. Robert DeNiro continued to rule the box office and the audiences’ minds in the decades to come, as he appeared in over 90 films. In early 90’s he also turned to direction with his film A Bronx Tale. He also produced, directed and acted in the 2006 film The Good Shepherd. Over the years, his notable films include The Deer Hunter, Midnight Run, Brazil, Meet the Parents, Once upon a time in America, Heat, Men of Honour, Limitless, and quite recently The Silver Linings Playbook, for which he received an Academy Nomination. The amazing actor turns a year older on August 17th, and Ganesha takes this as an opportunity to look at his Natal Horoscope to analyse what gives this man such awe-inspiring ability. Read on.

Robert De Niro
Date of Birth :- 17th August, 1943
Time of Birth :- 03.00 am
Place of Birth :- Brooklyn, Kings county,New York


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  • Robert De Niro is born with a Gemini Ascendant. The Lord of his Ascendant – Mercury – is placed in the 3rd House with Sun and Venus in his Natal Chart.
  • There is a Stellium of 3 planets in Leo (including Venus, the planet of creativity) in Niro’s Chart. Leo is the Zodiac Sign that stands for spotlight and performance. This planetary placement makes Niro an exceptional performer. It also indicates that he was born to be in the public eye.
  • The opposition of Moon and Venus in his Chart further blesses him with good artistic ability.
  • The Sun in Leo in Niro’s Chart indicates that he is a good ‘star’, but it would also make him egoistic or arrogant, to some degree.
  • Further, the exalted Jupiter blesses Robert De Niro with wisdom to climb down to the depths of a character and deliver accordingly.
  • Jupiter – the 7th House of marriage’s Lord is placed with a strong malefic Rahu in his Chart, which indicates a rather turbulent relationship domain. Incidentally, De Niro married twice, was in a long-standing relationship with a model, went through divorce once, separation once and an eventual reconciliation with his second wife in 2004.
  • With Sun in Leo (it is placed in its own Sign) – Niro is bound to be a large-hearted, magnanimous person. Evidently, Niro has done a plenty of philanthropic work. The same position of Sun also makes him take interest in politics.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Robert Di Niro and wishes him a very Happy 72nd Birthday.

With Ganesha’s Grace
Kashyap Rawal
The GaneshaSpeaks Team