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Ratan Rajput – adding the Desi tadaka

Ratan Rajput – adding the Desi tadaka

Bigg Boss 7 Series The Opening Stance…

Ratan Rajput became a household name with her serial Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. Her popularity and strong connect with the audiences got her Ratan Ka Rishta, a reality show to help her find Mr. Right. Well, she did choose an eligible bachelor as her life-partner but she never married him. Her fans will now get to see her once again on the TV through Bigg Boss 7. So far, she has maintained her image of a Bharatiya Naari but it will be interesting to see how she behaves in pressure situations.

Ratan Rajpoot is born with debilitated and retrograde Mercury. Venus is in its own Sign Taurus. Mars and Moon are in Ardra Constellation. Sun is exalted thus powerful. Saturn is in Capricorn. Ratan seems to be a very hard working and sensitive individual. She, being very sensitive, can be vulnerable too and can get hurt very easily. She would love to talk/ communicate. Her presence can be ‘sunny’ for others, but she may also become victim of jealousy. Hence, she will have to beware of those green-eyed people. Exalted Jupiter indicates that at critical moments, although Ratan may get confused, she would be able to take wise decisions.

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