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Randhir and Babita come together after 20 yrs

Randhir and Babita come together after 20 yrs

The hot couple of yesteryears- Randhir Kapoor and Babita are back together after a separation of more than 2 decades. The reason for their separation was that Randhir was opposed to his daughters working in films. He wanted them to settle down by getting married in respectable families as per the family’s tradition. However, “All’s well that ends well” is the new mantra for this cute couple. Here, Ganesha has something to say about their relationship.

The Great star Randhir Kapoor was born in Bombay on 15th February 1947. Randhir belongs to a well-known Bollywood family; with most of its members being famous stars of the silver screen. His wife Babita was born on 20th April 1948. Randhir married Babita in 1972. But due to some malefic planetary transit, this couple separated in the mid of 1980. In Randhir’s birth chart, Rahu is posited in the 7th house from the Moon which is responsible for separation. In the mid of 1980, transiting Rahu along with Saturn were passing through 10th house. Moreover, 7th house of marriage was aspected by the malefic planet Saturn which is the significator of separation. There was trine of Venus -the significator of marital happiness which was afflicted by Rahu. This means Rahu as well as Saturn played an unfavorable role in their separation. At the same time, transiting Saturn and Rahu were passing in Leo sign in his Moon chart. Thus 7th house of marriage was aspected by these two malefic planets which had resulted into this break off.

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In Randhir’s chart, transiting Jupiter is passing over the Moon and is aspecting the 7th house of marriage. It is favorable for improving marital relations with life partner(Babita) Likewise in her chart, transiting Jupiter is passing through 4th house and aspecting the 7th lord Saturn and transiting Venus is passing over the Moon. Currently, 7th house of marriage is also aspected by auspicious Venus. Jupiter and Venus transits are profitable and favorable by all manners and means. Considering this and other planetary transits, Ganesha foresees a happy future for them together. New visions for the future and new inspirations are likely to come with the coming New Year in their lives.

May Lord Ganesha bless him with much power in the days to come!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,