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As their stars indicate, Ranbir-Katrina relationship is likely to be ‘stressful’, says Ganesha!

As their stars indicate, Ranbir-Katrina relationship is likely to be ‘stressful’, says Ganesha!

Ranbir Kapoor, the electrifying Rockstar, has been in the headlines on numerous occasions for varied reasons! The very beautiful, British-Indian model turned actress, Katrina Kaif, has also garnered loads of attention for her films like ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and many more. Today, there is a lot of curiosity around their upcoming film, ‘Jagga Jasoos’, and even around their love life. The big question now is whether they’ve split, if yes, does this Golden Couple of Tinsel Town has any scope of being back together? Ganesha takes a peek, read on…

  • We’ve all heard, at some point, that the only thing constant is change…
  • Venus signifies love, and Ranbir is born with Venus in Virgo. The seperative planet Rahu is transiting in the Sign of Virgo and has surely played spoilsport by creating a crack in their relationship! The road to bliss was not a bed of roses anyways for Ranbir and Katrina, and with the above mentioned transit, some amount of disappointment in the relationship was then in some way expected.
  • According to Katrina’s chart, as an effect of the Transit of Rahu over her Natal Moon, misunderstanding at some level was taking shape. As a result of which, she might have been upset, emotionally, since almost the beginning of this year.

  • Jupiter’s transit over Ranbir’s natal Venus from 11th August 2016 is likely to bring about some positive change in his life. Whereas, Katrina’s wisdom could be clouded, at least as far as the relationship is concerned, while transiting Jupiter and Rahu will be on her Natal Venus between 30th January and 11th August 2016. So, if there is going to be any chance of a patch up, it will probably be Ranbir who will take the initiative. Considering all factors, chances of them getting back together cannot be denied. However, as predicted earlier, and as their stars also indicate, Ranbir-Katrina relationship is likely to be ‘stressful’ either ways!

  • In reel life, maybe, in real life tough… let’s see… as mentioned earlier, from 30th January 2016, Rahu will be transiting over the Natal Venus in Katrina’s chart. And Rahu will be transiting through the 5th house of love in Salman’s chart. Also Ketu will be transiting over Saturn and Ketu in the 11th house of Salman’s chart. A combination of all of the above, reduces chances of Salman and Katrina being back together permanently or for a long time. Alternatively, the ‘just friends’ tag attached with Salman and Katrina could also be under dark clouds for a period of 1 ½ years beginning 30th January 2016.

Overall, a lot will depend on the mindset of Ranbir and Katrina both.
Ganesha wishes, lots of success to Ranbir and Katrina for their upcoming film, and that, ‘All For The Best’, holds true for both, in all spheres of life!

Please Note:- Salman’s time of birth is available. Ranbir and Katrina’s time of birth are not available. However, as Moon has not changed Signs between 00 hours and 23:59 on the day both were born, their Moon signs have been taken into consideration.

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