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Happy Birthday Rakhi Sawant: How will the Future of 2021 be for her?

Rakhi Sawant, a well-known drama queen of the Indian TV industries, was born as Neeru Bheda on 25th November. She is mostly renowned for boldness and outspokenness. Her hyperactive and very sporty combination made her one of the successful actresses and dancers.

However, her early life was not as simple as her current life. From her childhood, she started as a caterer to support her family, and she used to get 50 Rs daily. She completed her schooling at “Goklibai High School Vile Parle and went on to study arts at Mithibai College. Her debut movie was Agnichakra, and later she worked in several low budget movies and did item numbers for them.

Apart from this, she also worked in many Hindi films like Kurukshetra, Main Hoon Na, Mumbai Xpress, and Dil Bole Haddipa!.

The most important thing about Rakhi’s acting is that she puts comedy with her sexy style, and the combo is very watchable.

Her role as Vishkanya in Buddha Mar Gaya was widely appreciated. She has always been in a whirlwind of controversies, be it a kiss with Mika Sigh or break up with boyfriend Krishna Abhishek.

Now, as we have comprehended her former life, let’s check out what her current life has to say about her and other related areas based on her Natal Chart.

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Date of Birth :- 25 Nov 1978
Birth Time :- 11.07 AM
Place of Birth :- Badarpur, Bihar, India

As per her Zodiac Sign Saggiatrius, soon she will be under the influence of the significant period of Jupiter and the sub-period of Mercury that will end on 8th January 2023. The transit of Jupiter would aspect the Saturn posited in the 8th house from the 7th March 2019. Transiting Saturn aspect Venus posited in the 10th house of Natal Chart and transiting Rahu took place over the planets posited in the 11th house.

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As per her current natal chart, she will be under the influence of a significant period of exalted Jupiter that aspect lord of the 9th that stands her present married life may be on a blooming stage. Her husband can be much cooperative and have a pleasing married life. Her husband, who is a Uk based Businessman located in Bombay, would be much support for the rising of her career. She may expect the birth of a baby to post her next birthday.

The formation of planets in her Natal Chart indicates that politics is not her baby as she lacks diplomatic talks and makes statements in the media. Most of the time, she is surrounded by controversy that makes her image different. As Venus is residing in her 10th house that is related to entertainment and arts, she may find success in this field.

There is a higher chance that she may make a comeback in Bollywood. she may face some initial challenges, but the transit of Jupiter and its influence on her birth chart can make it possible. She may feel fortunate to re-start her career with the support of Mercury. She may also expect some offers from leading personalities from Bollywood.

Because the transit of Saturn in its sign is a cue that she may begin her career as a modeler again and its exalted sign Libra positioned in her 10th house may make this possible. The transit of Jupiter may help her to develop some new contact in Bollywood through sincere efforts and enthusiasm.

The transit of Rahu may instigate her to involve in retorting an unwanted comment, and public unthoughtful may create nasty impression in the industry. It is advised to remain aloof from all this sort of involvement. Overall, the restart may be easy for her, and she has to face several in the beginning.

The team of Ganesha wishes her a beautiful future ahead and have a glorious career.

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