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Ganesha wishes Happy Birthday to R. Madhavan. Asks him to stay alert after Jan-2016!

Ganesha wishes Happy Birthday to R. Madhavan. Asks him to stay alert after Jan-2016!

Bollywood, the territory of the six packs, fair and lovely models and filmy betas-betis is not easy to conquer today, but few have it in them to break the mould, and R Madhavan, despite appearing in few and far-spaced movies is one of them. Actor, producer, writer and TV host, Tamil-speaking, Madhavan made his Hindi glam world debut with television appearances, but went on to star in popular Hindi films like Rehna hai tere dil mein, 3 Idiots and Tanu weds Manu.

His super-hit film Tanu weds Manu’s sequel Tanu weds Manu Returns, in which he returns to Hindi screen after a sizable gap of over 4 years, is already making waves, and is being touted as the year 2015’s biggest hit and best film so far. In the role of middle aged Manu Sharma, silently suffering in love, R Madhavan has caught the eye and hearts of many. Amidst Kangana’s vibrance in yet another author backed role and other theatre and film veterans’ power packed performances in the film, Madhvan’s quiet and broody character, surprisingly, stands out, watching on the sidelines, as the rest of the characters take the centre-stage and take decisions about his (Manu’s) life.

On 1st June 2015, the Gemini gentleman turns 45. Will we keep seeing him on screen regularly now? Ganesha takes a look at R Madhavan’s Solar Horoscope to predict the way ahead for him.

Date of Birth :- 01st June, 1970
Time of Birth :- Not known
Place of Birth :- Jamashedpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Surya Kundali

As the birth time of celebrity is not available, the details are based on the Solar Horoscope (Surya Kundali), created with the help of the person’s birth date and place only.

(transits with reference to the Natal planets)

  • The transiting Saturn is currently retrograde in the Zodiac Sign Scorpio. This planetary movement looks set to adversely aspect Madhavan’s Natal Sun, till 2nd August 2015. Again from 25th March 2016, the transiting Saturn will turn retrograde, and will be aspecting Madhavan’s Natal Sun till his next birthday. Thus, these two phases may not be great for the talented actor, and he may not enjoy the expected and deserved adulation or success.
  • Rahu will be transiting through the 5th House in Madhavan’s Chart, while Ketu will continue its journey through his 11th House, till January 2016.
  • From 14th July 2015, when Jupiter changes its Signs to enter Leo, it will start to transit over Madhavan’s Natal Ketu, through his 4th House. In its movement, then, Jupiter will give positive aspects to Saturn and Mercury placed in Aries in Maddy’s Chart. The transiting Jupiter will be forming a Square aspect with his Natal Sun at that time.
  • After January 2016, the transiting Rahu too will be forming a Square aspect with his Natal Sun.

How will the year be for R Madhavan?

  • Due to Saturn’s adverse transit through the 7th House from his Natal Sun, frictions with spouse in Madhavan’s personal life may remain a cause of concern.
  • Further, Rahu’s transit through the 5th House of love in his Chart till January 2016 also indicates that his married life may remain stressful, or its wouldn’t be remain romantic enough.
  • It is also likely that due to some work or some other reason, he will not be able to give his due love and affection to his children, during this time. He will have to face domestic problems too.
  • Jupiter’s transit through Madhvaan’s 4th House, though, looks set to be much better for him. till his next birthday, as the transiting Jupiter will be in a Sextile aspect with his Natal Venus and Mars.
  • Besides his acting career, planetary configurations indicate that Madhavan would be able to do well as a film producer, given the Mercury Mars exchange in his Chart. Ganesha feels that Madhavan may be more active, as a producer than in his acting career, during the next one year.
  • It also seems that his films will be relatively more successful in overseas territories till January 2016, which will give him more offers for films and shall increase his popularity as well.
  • Post January 2016, when the transiting Rahu and Ketu form a Square aspect with his Natal Sun, Madhvan may face some difficulties in his career and maintaining his public image, says Ganesha. He will have to guard against legal/ government matters, making scandalous statements and getting into conflicts with seniors in the industry.

Ganesha wishes a happy birthday and a great year ahead to R. Madhavan.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team