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Planets Don’t Look Up-lifting for Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Movie?

Once upon a time in Hollywood, there was an actor and activist who achieved a lot. In India, however, he would be long-known only as the ‘Titanic wala hero’. Globally, his performances include much more than Titanic, with movies like Revolutionary Road, The Revenant, Inception, and Django Unchained. Every character of his never fails to leave an impact on the audience. So much so that Leonardo DiCaprio’s oscar-winning became a pop-culture meme along with many of his stills from many of his movies.

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Now, he is back with a Netflix original with Jennifer Lawrence, called ‘Don’t Look Up’. The plot of Leonardo’s new movie revolves around astronomers warning the people on Earth about a giant comet heading towards the planet. Transiting Jupiter is likely to help Leonardo DiCaprio’s new projects in the near future, and this may well be one of them. Till now, the combination of Venus and Mars in his chart has made him famous. The Sun and Mercury together also inspire him to take on experimental roles out of his comfort zone.

In future, along with his work as an activist for the planet, he may get inclined towards spirituality.

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