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Ok Jaanu Movie Forecast: The Storyline May Lack The Punch

Ok Jaanu Movie Forecast: The Storyline May Lack The Punch

Shaad Ali’s new romantic flick starring the smashing rumored couple Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor and produced by Mani Ratnam and Karan Johar under their respective banners which will be releasing on 13th January 2017 is already on a roll. People all over the country are already smitten by The Humma Song composed by our Indian music maestro AR Rahman. This romantic drama is a remake of a super hit Tamil movie ‘Ok Kanmani’ release in 2015. Ganesha feels that the movie will somewhat connect the audiences and will be able to stay away from unwanted controversies. Stay tuned to know more about Ganesha’s prediction.

‘Ok Jaanu’Date of Release: 13th January, 2017

Release Time Chart for Bollywood’s major territory

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The Astroview Ganesha notes that Ok Jaanu will be releasing with Aquarius Ascendant. Yogakaraka Venus will be placed in the Ascendant with Mars and Ketu. Sun and Mercury will be in the 11th House of gains. Moon will be in Cancer and Jupiter will be aspecting it’s own sign in the House of finances. Saturn will be placed in the 10th House of success.

Considering the above mentioned planetary layout/configurations, this movie may have an average or an above average start at he box office. The business will not be overwhelming. However, there are chances of it doing better in smaller pocket cities compared to the bigger territories. But the Overseas business is likely to be very good. Hence, Ganesha feels that the film will do considerably good business, but it may not meet the expectations of the producers.

Ganesha feels the performance of the cute lead pair wont fail to excite the audience and in fact will be garner a lot of appreciation. The placement of Mars and Venus in the Ascendant itself indicates that the chemistry between the lead pair will be quite sizzling. But, the presence of Ketu therein may not allow the movie to capitalise on this aspect, or in other words, the chemistry may not translate into financial gains.

The Gen-Y Connection:The movie will enjoy a very good connect with the urban and young masses. The placement of the young planets in the Ascendant and the positioning of Mercury in the 11th House indicate high gains from the younger masses.

As for the soundtrack, there isn’t any doubt that it will connect well with the music lovers, as the music has been composed by the Oscar-winning music genius – AR Rahman. The lyrics are also likely to get a lot of applause and there is no doubt about this, because it is the legendary Gulzar who has penned them down. Venus – the Yogakaraka planet is placed in the Ascendant and Jupiter – the Lord of the 2nd House of music is placed in the 8th House and is aspecting its own Sign. All these factors indicate that the music will

Conclusion:While signing off, Ganesha says that movie will witness a gradual growth. It will open to a decent opening and things will again get better from day 5. On the overall, the movie will manage to emerge as an interesting story with some novel elements. The performances will be good, but the storyline may lack punch in some areas.

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