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Mahesh Babu Horoscope – Success and New Heights Assured!

The prince of Tollywood and one of the most popular actors of the Telugu movie industry is none other than Mahesh Babu. The younger son of veteran Telugu actor Krishna and one of the highest-paid Telugu film personalities, Mahesh Babu is an amazing actor. He did 25 films and won various awards in a short span of time. His successful films are Athadu (2005), Pokiri (2006), Businessman (2012) and Maharishi (2019) to name a few. He also owns the production house G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment. Apart from films, he also runs charitable trusts and non-profit organizations, surprisingly, he has also adopted villages of Burrepalem and Siddapuram located in Andhra and Telangana respectively. He is a true humanitarian and fans consider him as a Superstar of Telugu cinema.

So what makes him so special, let’s reveal with the help of Vedic Astrology

Mahesh Babu Birth Date: Aug 09, 1975.
Time of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Chennai.

Mahesh Babu kundli

mahesh babu kundli

As per Mahesh Babu birth horoscope, Venus is placed in the sign of Leo which represents drama and entertainment. Creative and artistic planet Venus in Leo is blessed with true acting talent and really helps him to lead the masses. Leo Venus has another support of Moon and Mercury which again adds a creative and acting talent in his personality. Mercury Leo is also helpful to create a very dynamic and powerful communication which again helps to enhance his acting career. Leo Mercury blesses the speech in a very creative way and much needed energy for the movie industry. Mars placed in the sign of Taurus makes him very grounded and practical as Taurus ruled by Venus. Mars placement also adds another beauty of Venus which again adds a lot of creative talent in his personality. Taurus Mars makes him very sensuous and attractive as well and Ketu conjunction adds a lot of strength to his chart by the conjunction to Mars.

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As per Mahesh Babu kundli, Saturn transit will help him to restructure and start his career in a very different way. Saturn transit through the seventh house in the Capricorn will also bring a new way of communication to masses. He will definitely try something new in films which audiences have never seen before. Divine Jupiter transit in the eighth house will definitely bring some unexpected changes in his life. He will do more research this time and bring a new creative way for viewers. As he is going through Rahu mahadasha and Mercury antardasha which will definitely bring a new position and growth in his career. Smoky Rahu is the planet who rules the movie industry which will help in his career in a very unconventional way. As he is blessed with Mercury antardasha and Mercury’s position gives hints for his career growth in a larger way.

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His natal chart has Sun and Saturn conjunction which is not good for health. Health related problems will be there in his life. However, Taurus Mars helps him to stay fit as much as possible. Taurus Mars gives good immunity power and capacity to fight against diseases. Jupiter transit in Aquarius will bring some growth in health related matters. He may bring a few changes in his routine to stay healthy. As he is going through Rahu mahadasha and Mercury antardasha, it will help him to stay fit and look good. Also, Smoky Rahu will encourage him to look good in the best possible way.

As per Mahesh Babu birth chart, we will definitely be able to see commercially successful films in the coming time. His upcoming movie is “Sarkaru Vaari Paata”. This movie will be commercially successful and loved by audiences. He will definitely give some amazing hits as he is going through Rahu mahadasha and Mercury antardasha. Rahu is the planet that brings name and fame to a new level as it is placed very powerfully in his natal chart. Moreover, antardasha of Mercury will give that sudden push in his acting career in a very different way which will help him to lead the masses. Not to forget that, Mercury is placed in the sign of Leo, which shows creativity in a grand way and this will definitely bring success for him. Saturn transit in the seventh house in Capricorn will also help him to try new and long lasting looks for viewers. Beneficial Jupiter transit in Aquarius will give him some unexpected and new projects.

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As per Mahesh Babu horoscope, Jupiter transit in the eighth house of the natal chart will bring unexpected wealth. Sudden gains and investment may be possible. This time he will invest in something innovative, which he may have not thought of so far. Saturn transit in the seventh house also opens up the opportunities to create a new partnership and earn more profits. Moreover, Rahu mahadasha and mercury antardasha are extremely beneficial to gain more fortune. Well, it is that phase of life where he may earn through many sources, so what better than this can he expect?

As per Mahesh Babu astrology, Yes! In 2021 from his birthday, we can expect new business opportunities for him. Taskmaster Saturn transit in the seventh house of the natal chart will bring new ventures. He will invest in new projects and look for long lasting profits. Rahu will give that necessary courage and push to cross limits as per his capacity and bring tremendous growth. Mars and Venus transit in Leo will bring some amazing new opportunities in his new ventures and surely investing money to earn more profits will help him now.

So, overall a very positive period can be indicated as per Mahesh Babu janam kundli. We can see some major and huge changes in his professional life which will again increase his popularity. Already he has achieved many milestones but now with the help of Rahu mahadasha he will surely achieve new heights in his career. We can expect new gain and fame with his upcoming projects.

We wish Mahesh Babu – Happy Birthday and a good year ahead!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
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