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Madonna needs only a troika to reach half-century

Madonna needs only a troika to reach half-century

Pop Queen Madonna 49 going on 50 on 16th August this year – has been constantly in news due to her affairs with baseball players. This is nothing new to Madonna as because of her bold outlook and actions she has always remained in the limelight in the past – be it her for movie ‘Dick Tracy’ or nude posing pictures. Also, Madge’s brother has revealed that she blackmailed him to join the Kabbalah Sect. Ganesha analyses her horoscope and explains why she has been surrounded by controversies currently.

Date of birth :- August 16, 1958
Time of birth :- 07 hours 05 min.
Place of birth :- Bay City, Michigan, USA

Madonna’s Horoscope


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Madonna’s Venus Return
Ganesha observes that Madonna has Venus in Cancer in the 12th house of birth chart, associated with Sun. This makes her a very good artist. Her Venus Return took place on July 13, 2008 at 19 hours 44 minutes in Sagittarius Ascendant. This return chart is based on her current location and not on her birth place, it being the Return chart.

Madonna’s Venus Return Chart


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Ganesha observes that the return chart has Sagittarius Ascendant which is the fifth house of the Natal chart. Venus signifies love and the fifth house too indicates the same. So first of all, because Venus return chart’s Ascendant rules the fifth house of her natal chart, she is in controversies related to love affairs. Moreover, this return chart has Venus and Ketu in Cancer (the sign that signifies home and domestic matters) in the 8th house (house that rules sexual matters). This is in line with former Yankee baseball star Jose Canseco’s claim that Queen of Pop Madonna wanted him to father her child. It is to be noted that she is also in limelight due to her reported affair with another baseball star Alex odriguez. Ganesha notes that in a horoscope the fifth house rules sports and related matters too. No wonder she is highly influenced by Venus Return’s Ascendant which is the fifth house of her Natal Chart.

Madonna has Venus in the 12th house which in itself is an indication that she may be having ‘secret love relationships’. This is a natal promise and cannot be changed. This is because she has Venus in a watery sign Cancer in the 12th house of her Natal chart. In a horoscope, the 12th house rules secrets and ‘bed’ both and Venus rules the relationship factor. In fact, Madonna has covered all the sun signs almost! No wonder her Natal Venus is doing it’s job perfectly since years!

  1. Henry Rollins
  2. John Starks
  3. Johnny Zander
  4. Warren Beatty
  5. Dan Gilroy
  6. Stephen Bray
  7. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  8. Mark Kamins
  9. Stiv Bators
  10. Norris Burroughs
  11. John Benitez
  12. David Lee Roth
  13. Louie Cordero
  14. Keith Carradine
  15. Sean Penn
  16. John Kennedy, Jr.
  17. Esai Morales
  18. Prince
  19. Chip Z`nuff
  20. Paul Lekakis
  21. Anthoney Keidies
  22. Matt Dillon
  23. Alek Keshishian
  24. Antonio Banderas
  25. Lenny Kravitz
  26. Tony Ward
  27. Michael Jackson
  28. Vanilla Ice
  29. Jose Canseco
  30. James Albright
  31. Big Daddy Kane
  32. John Enos III
  33. David Duchovny
  34. Anthony Kiedis
  35. Bison Dele
  36. Dennis Rodman
  37. Tupac Shakur
  38. Carlos Leon
  39. Charles Barkley
  40. Andy Bird
  41. Mark McGrath
  42. Billy Zane
  43. Chris Paciello
  44. David Blaine
  45. Chris Rock
  46. Guy Ritchie
  47. Alex Rodriguez

Currently Venus is transiting over the 12th house of her Natal Chart along with Ketu. Ganesha notes that Ketu signifies thirst and Venus rules love. She is in constant need of emotional and physical contact with someone as she is parting her ways with Guy Ritchie. Transiting Saturn passing over her Ascendant and Natal Moon indicates depression and frustration. So out of frustrations the in personal life she is desperately seeking a relationship at present.

Venus will be strolling into Leo on August 01, 2008 so Madonna story should end there, everyone will presume so! However, Ganesha feels that she will remain in limelight at least till Venus enters Libra in the third week of September 2008. Moreover, we will keep hearing news about her till Ketu transits over her Natal Venus. Ketu will enter Gemini on November 17, 2009. So, till then she will keep appearing in news regularly regarding her affairs/love relationship and so on. With all due respect to her talent, Ganesha feels that Madonna’s image is likely to get stained by November 2009 even if she is able to deny some affairs.

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Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless the Pop Queen Madonna.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,