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Machine Gun Kelly: The Rapper Brawls With The Fighter

Machine Gun Kelly: The Rapper Brawls With The Fighter

Like every year, MTV Video Music Awards, aka the VMAs, once again created excitement on social media. The stage had mind-blowing elements, but the red carpet also beheld the award show’s heat. There were news flashes for the drama that involved American Rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Irish Mixed Martial Artist Conor McGregor on the red carpet.

Kelly has been aggressive at public functions several times before. But what was the reason this time to stir up this brawl? Here we have studied MGK’s (Machine Gun Kelly) Surya Kundli and tried to know why he is so aggressive and what his career as a musician holds for him.

Machine Gun Kelly always dominates the media. Saturn and Rahu are partying together in his birth chart, which always keeps him in controversies. However, Mars and Venus in his horoscope form Aakarshan Yoga, which often causes disputes but only for publicity. Mars Venus creates a unique attraction in them, so whenever Kelly does something, he gets the support of his fans. The time ahead is likely to be very good for MGK. Maybe he gets one more big award from the music industry, or maybe one of his albums becomes a major hit.

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MTV’s Video Music Awards is a prestigious award show. After MGK’s feud with Conor McGregor, people thought that Kelly would leave the show with his girlfriend Megan Fox, but that did not happen.

One source mentioned that the Rapper and the Fighter broke into a brawl after MGK refused to get a photo with the Irish UFC fighter. This led to McGregor throwing a punch at Kelly, and the security had to separate them. The source further added that McGregor also threw his drink at Kelly. However, in the debate between the two, social media is flooded with memes of Kelly. The video of them fighting is going viral in many places.

MGK’s “My Ex’s Best Friend” ft. Blackbear won the VMA for Best Alternative. We hope he keeps getting appreciated for his work in the future too.

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