Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s Hot Lesbian Affair

Introduction: Since past few weeks Lindsay Lohan has been in the news because of her so called or suspected lesbian relationship with D J Samantha Ronson (Mark Ronson’s sister). Some magazines and news papers also stated that they are likely to get married very soon. If you look at Samantha Ronson, her tomboyish personality indicates that she can be dominating and Lindsay can be submissive in this relationship but does Vedic Astrology confirm these factors and if yes, would this relationship last or will it be short lived like Lindsay’s other past relationships

Samantha Ronson’s Surya Kundli

Date of birth 7th August 1977
Time of birth Unavailable
Place of birth London, England


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Lindsay Lohan’s Surya Kundli

Date of birth 2nd July 1986
Time of birth Unavailable
Place of birth New York (NY) USA


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Sun Venus connection in Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan’s chart

Ganesha observes that Samantha has Venus in Gemini and Lindsay has Sun in Gemini. Similarly, Samantha’s Venus is in Cancer and Lindsay’s Sun is in Cancer. Sun represents soul and Venus is the significator of love. Both the planets are inter-connected. Sun Venus connection is the main factor of why both are attracted towards each other. Besides this, no major connection is found between both the birth charts.

Samantha and Lindsay’s sex drives

Sexual drive is represented by Mars. In Samantha’s chart Mars is in Taurus, it is a detrimental sign. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Mars in Taurus the detrimental sign gives a very strong sexual drive but it also makes one highly possessive about the partner. Samantha will not be able to stand it if Lindsay hooks up with someone else because Mars in Taurus makes her possessive too. Lindsay has retrograde Mars is Sagittarius. The Sign Sagittarius is very much target oriented and loses interest once the target is achieved. She may believe in unconventional lovemaking because Mars is retrograde in Jupiter’s sign. Considering both the charts together Ganesha feels that both of them possess very strong sexual drive which is also one reason why they are into such a relationship.

Will Lindsay and Samantha remain together?

Ganesha notes that currently Ketu is transiting over Samantha’s Natal Sun and it is transiting over Lindsay’s Natal Venus forming Square with her Natal Ketu in Libra. The Sign Libra indicates partnership and related matters. She already has Ketu – a strong malefic planet posited there. Transiting Ketu’s Square with it denotes difficulties in partnership and related matters too. In Lindsay’s Surya Kundli, Jupiter is transiting through the seventh house over retrograde Mars and so rumours about her marriage with Samantha have been spreading around. However, Jupiter is going to be direct in September 2008 which will clear off the clouds of confusion around her.

Considering all the factors mentioned here, Ganesha feels that although both seem to be deeply in love with each other, since they are undergoing the effects of negative and malefic planetary transits, they may fall apart by last quarter of 2009.

Ganesha wishes good luck to Lindsay and Samantha for their future.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni

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