Lata Mangeshkar: The Soul Of India!

Lata Mangeshkar: The Soul Of India!

The Nightingale of India and Bharat Ratan awardee, Lata Mangeshkar, celebrates her birthday on 28 September. Even at 92 years old, her melodious voice resonates across the world. Whenever you hear the melodious singer sing, the goosebumps are guaranteed. Now, as she turns 92, let’s see the future of her soulful voice with her horoscope.

Saturn’s Curved Vision On Her Health

According to Lataji’s Surya Kundli, Moon in Cancer makes her a strong character. Some significant changes in her life are probable. In the coming time, the transit of Saturn from Saturn can cause health issues. Moreover, excessive change in her lifestyle and health concerns may have a negative influence on her mental health. People will be able to talk on a variety of topics about Lataji’s personal life.

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