The Natal Chart of Lata Mangeshkar makes for a Model Chart – with exceptionally strong benefics!

Jupiter in the Ascendant, Venus in the 4th House and Moon in its own House in the 3rd House! What better power of the benefics can you expect! Find out the detailed planetary picture of the endearing icon in the article below! 
Wonder what makes Lata so skillful at so many languages? Then, planet Mercury holds the key! Find out in the article, what special distinction Lata Di's Mercury holds!
'Lata Mangeshkar' – the name immediately connects us to some of the best musical delights we have ever experienced in our lifetime so far! In a career spanning over 7 decades, she has rendered her soulful voice to around 50,000 songs in over 1000 films, and that too in around 36 regional and international languages! She is the Guiness Book of World Records' highest recorded singer/artist! Isn't it a bit too hard to believe? But yes, this is what makes her so special and so distinguished! She is undoubtedly the diamond of India, in the field of Music! She has also been conferred upon the Bharat Ratna, apart from innumerable other awards. 
This awe-strikingly brilliant jewel of India turns a year older on 28 September. Check out Ganesha's special astrological analysis, which will make you understand the glory of the Legendary Icon, from a different perspective...
Lata Mangeshkar
Date of Birth  :- 28th September 1929
Time of Birth  :- 21.50 pm
Place of Birth :- Indore
The Highlights of the Natal Chart of the Beautiful Voice of India – Lata Mangeshkar: 
  • Lata Mangeshkar was born with Taurus Ascendant and Lord of Ascendant Venus is placed in the 4th House in her Natal Chart.
  • In a horoscope, the 3rd House indicates a person's skills, artistic abilities and hobbies. It also denotes the creative potential. In Lata Di's case, Moon in a watery sign Cancer in the 3rd House has blessed her with exceptional creative talent and depth of art. Moreover, this placement of Moon gets further highlighted, because it happens to be one of the factors or Karakas for fine arts, creativity and all the qualities that make a woman even more graceful, charming and soft-natured. No wonder, Lata Di has such extraordinary feminine grace. 
  • Venus is the prime significator of arts/creativity and the 4th House happens to be the core of our emotions, imagination, expressions and feelings. The coming occupation of Venus of such an important House for an artist, explains further the glory and wonder of Lata Mangeshkar – who is now known as the Goddess of music and singing in India! Venus' position in the 4th House of her Chart blesses her with the ability to shine brilliantly in the field of arts and music. The 4th  House rules the heart, so 'music is close to her heart', says Ganesha! 
  • Moreover, in the case of Lata Di, Ganesha also observes that 2 most important planets and top-rank benefics – Jupiter and Venus are gaining additional power as they are in a position wherein they get the 'Dig Bala' or Directional Strength. Jupiter is placed in the 1st House or the Ascendant, which is a place, where it gets the Dig-bala and Venus, similarly is in the 4th House, wherein it gets its Dig-bala. So, this further adds to the power and potency of the already well-placed benefics in her Chart.
  • Venus and Neptune in the 4th House of her Chart gave her extraordinary mass appeal.
  • Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo indicates great knowledge of performing arts. Exalted Mercury gave her a good grip on multiple languages and this is the reason which gives her such great knowledge and the ability to sing in so many languages (despite no academic background of those languages)!
  • Mercury in Virgo gave her a creative mind and deep intelligence. It made her sharp, observant and logical with a great grasping power. Mercury happens to be the Lord of the 2nd and 5th House. The second House rules voice and speech. The 5th House rules performance. This is why she has been able to deliver very good performances through the art of singing.
  • Jupiter in the Ascendant made her calm and magnanimous. She would indulge in noble deeds and take interest in religious activities too. 
  • The Lord of the 7th House of marriage Mars is placed in the 6th House and is conjunct with Ketu. The 7th House of marriage happens to be hemmed between malefics in the the 6th and 8th House and this results into Paapkartari Yog. These are the reasons which may have denied marriage to her.
  • All the planetary positions made Lata Mangeshkar very talented, passionate and legendary Bharat Ratna singer.
Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Lata Mangeshkar and wishes her a happy birthday.
With Ganesha’s Grace,
Kashyap Rawal
The Team