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King Khan’s throne under attack of Saturnine forces: Ganesha

King Khan’s throne under attack of Saturnine forces: Ganesha

His name is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan! And the name needs no introduction, as it belongs to the Badshah of Bollywood. Though he turned 44 on November 2, he says that he feels more like a 25-year old.

Today, SRK is the single most bankable name in the Indian Film industry. With billions of rupees riding on his shoulders, King Khan has ruled over Bollywood for about two decades. His triumph over the idiot box, through commercials and a reality TV show, he has proved that he is the entertainer supreme of Bollywood.

Ganesha takes a look at his kundli and uses Vedic Astrology System to determine how good will be the coming year for Shah Rukh Khan.


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  • From 19th December, 2009 Jupiter will transit over Retrograde Natal Saturn
  • Rahu will transit over Natal Jupiter from 17th November, 2009 and Ketu will transit over Natal Venus
  • Mars is Yoga Kaarak planet for Shah Rukh Khan. Transiting Mars will be debilitated till 26th May, 2010.
  • He is under the influence of Saturn-major period at present.

  • Period till 26th May, 2010 is not very favourable for Shah Rukh Khan as his Yoga Kaarak planet, Mars, is debilitated
  • He will be prone to injuries till the said period as Mars will be transiting through the 12th House, giving exalted aspect to the sign in which Moon is placed. This also indicates scope of illness
  • He will also have to struggle a lot to maintain his position as King Khan for next six months at least
  • May 26th onwards, Shah Rukh will come up with some good films. By the end of 2010, his career will be back in full swing, re-establishing himself as the undisputed King of Bollywood
  • He may plan to do different kind of roles in the second half of 2010 and we will get to see him in a new, unique avataar, both in terms of the role he will be playing and his acting style.

In short, King Khan’s next six months are average and he will have to struggle to maintain his status as the Badshah of Bollywood, but the second half of 2010 is quite encouraging.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless him.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni