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Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao and Saif Ali Khan – Blocked in Square!

Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao and Saif Ali Khan – Blocked in Square!

As per the latest news, Kareena and her beau Shahid Kapoor have torn apart. Bebo (Kareena) is blamed to have dumped Shahid for Amrita Rao’s presence in Shahid’s closet on the sets of Vivaah. She is also said to be going around with Saif Ali Khan. Luckily, Saif doesn’t have anything to do with the name Amrita – Surname apart – Rao or Singh!

Ganesha feels that this unfortunate event is triggered by adverse planetary transits going on in their individual horoscopes.

First of all, Ganesha would like to talk about their Sun Signs. Kareena is a Virgo, Saif Ali Khan is a Leo, Amrita Rao is a Gemini and Shahid Kapoor is a Piscean.

Going deeper into the matter, Ganesha observes that Kareena and Amrita Rao’s sign Lord is same – Mercury. Saif’s Sign Lord is Sun and Shahid’s Sign Lord is Jupiter.

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While the matter is so much in momentum, the first observation that Ganesha has is, Saif Ali Khan is not responsible here anyhow, because his Sign Lord Sun is weak due to debilitation in Libra. Probably, after knowing all what’s going on, he might be the one who would desire perfect balance and harmony in the situation. If this issue doesn’t subside in next 15 days, Saif might react to it with Sun’s entry in Scorpio, but currently he seems to be maintaining a dignified silence.

Shahid’s Sign Lord Jupiter is at present in Sagittarius, which indicates that he will be able to take wise decision. He may not just handle this intelligently but may also reflect maturity.

Kareena and Amrita’s Sign Lord Mercury is presently in Scorpio. We all know how Scorpians may be! Both of these babes may be in slightly revengeful mood if the matter is stretched beyond the point, but jealousy is the factor which is playing a major role in this matter feels Ganesha.

At the time of writing this article, Moon is in Virgo with debilitated Venus. Moreover, Saturn and Ketu are conjunct in Venus and Moon. Therefore, Ganesha has a strong feeling that in this matter someone will have to sacrifice. Ganesha cannot name the ‘martyr’ but split is strongly foreseen. Now, unless they take any practical decision using love and intelligence both, patch up is not possible because Venus is not receiving any strong beneficial aspect. Venus does receive some Sextile aspects from other planets so they should try to solve this amicably. Moon’s Semi Square aspect with Mercury indicates that all concerned celebrities are heavily stressed due to this matter. Moon’s Square with Pluto indicates that if the decision is taken, it may have long lasting effect on their lives, specifically Kareena and Shahid’s life.

Moon’s phase is about to get over so Ganesha would not be surprised if the matter reaches to quite a concluding stage on almost 10th or 12th September 2007. Ganesha also feels that with Moon’s position in Libra within next two days, they should try to solve this with due respect to the love relationship Kareena and Shahid had been nurturing till now.

Although chances of things going wrong between Kareena and Shahid are very high with whatever is going on, Ganesha feels that there is some scope of re-contemplation over the matter.

Ganesha wishes all the best to cute Bebo Kareena and chocolate boy Shahid.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,