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Josh Groban will break more records- Ganesha’s prophecy

Josh Groban will break more records- Ganesha’s prophecy

Truly dismal year for the recording industry is ending with a December surprise — “Noel”, which has now become the best selling album- Josh Groban’s lushly orchestrated Christmas collection. The copies of Josh Groban’s new album are selling like hot cakes. His voice relaxes the mind and soul and gives the listener a soothing effect. With 2.77 million CD’s already sold, this young artist has conquered the hearts of his audience. He has broken the record of Elvis Presley’s Christmas Album. Ganesha gives a numerological analysis of what future has in store for this talented young man.

Josh Groban is a son of Jewish American father and a Norwegian American mother born on February 27, 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Atmakarka planet in his chart is Mercury, which is fairly strong in Navmansa. Karkamasa becomes Virgo and strong Mars placed with Venus in the 2nd house from the Atmakarka indicates amazing voice and wonderful artistic talent. The exchange between 9th house and 5th house Lord from Karkamasa Lagna is forming excellent Rajayoga.

The album “Noel” has been highly successful in the U.S. breaking numerous records for a Christmas album, as well as becoming the best selling album of 2007 in only its tenth week of release beating Elvis’ Christmas Album’s record after over 50 years. Currently, the transiting Venus in Libra trine natal Sun-Mars-Venus is in Josh Groban’s chart. Jupiter is moving in the 11th house (house of gain and fulfillment of desires), which looks extremely favorable for him. Transiting Sun sextile natal Sun-Mars-Venus is helping him.

Josh Groban’s Birth number is 9
His expression or name number is also 9
He is currently running 27th year and 2+7=9
His Destiny or Life path number 3 is also in tune with number 9
Adding to this the album name Noel comes to 6 perfectly in tune with Number 9 and 3 and signifing Venus.

Above all, the album was relased on date 9th of October, 2007 and again the the number of Date is 9.

So everthing is tuned and number 9 is creating history in US recording industry.

Josh Groban’s popularity will surely increase in year 2008, as his Personal year number will become 3 matching his Destiny number 3 and the transiting Jupiter in the 11th house.

We congratulate him and may Lord Ganesha bless him.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,