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How will Venus transit in Libra affect your zodiac sign?

Venus is considered as naturally auspicious and personified as a feminine planet in Indian Vedic Astrology. In western culture, Venus is considered as the Goddess of grace or a natural charmer. The impact of Venus on the individuals is almost positive usually. Venus is a key significator of art, love, grace, materialistic things, luxuries, the wealth of an individual and pleasures of the world. The planet is also a significator of relationships and marital bliss. The influence of the planet on individual destiny would depend on the position of the planet in his Janampatri.

According to Indian astrology, Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs, exalted and debilitated in Pisces and Virgo zodiac sign respectively. If Venus is positioned in Pisces zodiac sign is considered as strong positioning and the effect of the planet will reduce if it is positioned in Virgo zodiac sign. The conjunction of the planet with Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are considered as friendly whereas the conjunction with the Sun, Moon, and Rahu is considered as malefic.

The positive effects of Venus help an individual to have a lavish and luxurious life full of materialistic pleasure and good results on material life, can travel abroad and buy property and vehicles. The individual will find hard to get success in spite of a lot of his efforts, and suffer from skin diseases due to the malefic effect of the planet. Remedial solutions need to be performed to appease Venus in the horoscope.

The naturally auspicious planet will make a transit in its own sign, Libra by moving out from Virgo zodiac sign on October 4, 2019. The transit in Libra zodiac sign is going to happen at 5:27 a.m. Friday. The planet will remain posited in its own sign until October 28, 2019 and transit to Scorpio after that.

Venus transit 2019 dates

Venus transit in Scorpio: January 1, 2019.
Venus transit in Sagittarius: January 29, 2019
Venus transit in Capricorn: February 24, 2019
Venus transit in Aquarius: March 22, 2019
Venus transit in Pisces: April 16, 2019
Venus transit in Aries: May 10, 2019
Venus transit in Taurus: June 4, 2019
Venus transit in Gemini: June 29, 2019
Venus transit in Cancer: July 23, 2019
Venus transit in Leo: August 16, 2019
Venus transit in Virgo: September 10, 2019
Venus transit in Libra: October 4, 2019
Venus transit in Scorpio: October 28, 2019
Venus transit in Sagittarius: November 21, 2019
Venus transit in Capricorn: December 15, 2019

Venus is the lord of Libra and the transit of the planet is going to happen in its own zodiac sign. It would have an impact on all the zodiac signs. Now let us see the effects of Venus transit in Libra sign on all the 12 Moon signs.

(Kindly note: the below predictions are based on Moon sign)

The cardinal fiery Aries individuals are likely to see a great impact in their workplace and professional life.
  • You would see improvement in a professional environment and there are chances of promotions as well.
  • The relationship with your boss and senior officials would be cordial during this period.
  • You would develop some innovative ideas and skills.
  • It would be difficult for you to focus on your goals due to health-related issues.
  • You are likely to get support from your spouse during this period.
  • The romantic relationships would develop very strong and there are chances you would take your relationship to the next level. You would plan to marry or get engaged with our partner.
  • The individuals who are planning to get married need to put sincere efforts into their married life for having a pleasurable life.

The transit of Venus in its own sign would give moderate results to Aries individuals.

The bull would see a great effect on health and financial position during this period.
  • The students who are going to appear in competitive exams would come out with flying colors.
  • Your hard work from a long time would give you beneficial results now and you are likely to be promoted or get a salary increment for your sincere efforts.
  • You are also likely to get rewards and recognition from your senior officials for your sincere efforts and achievement of goals.
  • The career growth or growth on the professional front can be expected.
  • You should not take health issues lightly and spare time for exercise. You are advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits that would keep you fit as there are chances of health ailments during this period.
  • You should focus on savings and keep an eye on your expenditure. There are strong chances of unnecessary expenditure during this period so try to avoid the same.
  • You are likely to see mixed results in your love life.
  • You are likely to see a disturbance in your married life so avoid arguments with your partner otherwise there are chances of straining relationship

The transit of Venus is Libra sign would mostly give you fruitful results.

The transit is quite favorable for the twins and you would achieve great success at a personal level.
  • Your relationships with your senior officials, colleagues, and subordinates will improve.
  • You would get fruitful outcomes from partnership firms.
  • You would get fruitful and expected results in your career and professional front.
  • Your love-life would be harmonious and peaceful.
  • Married couples would enjoy a memorable trip or outing with their life partners and children.
  • The women who are waiting to be a mother for a long time may get pregnant in this period.
  • You are going to get favorable news regarding abroad related matters.

The twins would get beneficial and favorable results during the transit of Venus in its own sign.

The crabs are going to see success in various fields of life.
  • You are advised to avoid clashes with senior officials, colleagues, and subordinates.
  • This would be a challenging period for you to get the desired success for your efforts.
  • There is a possibility of some plans with family which would lead to fun and enjoyment.
  • You would spend quality time with your family members.
  • You would buy new gadgets, vehicles, and property during this period.
  • You would decorate your house or do interior and exterior changes to your house.
  • You would be interested in traveling to spiritual destinations and holy places.
  • Prolonged health ailments would get cured.

The sign of the crab would get normally beneficial results during the transit of Venus in Libra sign.

The lions would experience an increase in courage, will power and ability to work during this period.
  • The prospects for job change would improve in this transit period.
  • You would enhance your professional skills and develop new skills.
  • Your business and social networking would increase.
  • You are likely to plan long-distance travel.
  • You can expect better support from your colleagues and subordinates.
  • You would see positive changes in your personal life.
  • This is a better time for flourishing your love life.
  • You would see improvement or increase in family happiness.

For lions, overall the transit of Venus in Libra would be quite beneficial.

The ambitious Virgo can attain financial gains, especially from a foreign land and sources during this transit period.
  • You can expect financial rewards and gains from your investment.
  • You would get better rewards from the investment done in the past.
  • You would enjoy growth in your career and occupation.
  • You can expect your long awaited promotions.
  • You would see improvement in your communication and presentation skills.
  • The students who are appearing for exams would get success in their respective areas.
  • Your artistic and inbuilt talents would get the right direction.
  • Pregnant ladies would have better health and good growth and development of the infant during this period.

Virgo’s, the perfectionist would relatively get beneficial results during Venus transit in Libra sign.

The time is beneficial for balanced air signs from a health perspective but should take care of your well being and avoid an excess of everything as anything in excess would be harmful to you in your later stage of life.
  • You would see improvement in confidence and positivity in your life.
  • You are likely to see an increase in profits in your business.
  • You can expect an improvement in your financial position.
  • You would yield better financial rewards from your long term investment.
  • You would spend more money on valuable and costly things.
  • Your image in society would improve.
  • Your expenses would increase during this time so keep a watch on it.
  • Your love relationship can forward to the next level and you may get married or engaged with your partner.
  • Married couples would find happiness and enjoyment during this period.
  • Your health would be above average and no major health ailment is foreseen during this period.

The transit time is favorable enough for a diplomatic scale sign.

The transit of Venus in Libra sign would give profit from foreign sources to Scorpio individuals and you would also go for a trip on the place you are planning for a long time or to some of your favorite places.

  • You would get positive results from abroad related matters.
  • You can grab job opportunities abroad if you have applied for it.
  • Your loans would get sanctioned easily.
  • You are likely to spend more on luxurious items.
  • Your relationship with your spouse would be better.
  • Your love life is likely to flourish.
  • You can expect a promotion and salary increment during this period.
  • You can expect appreciation and recognition from your senior officials.
  • You should take the utmost care of your health as you can probably see some minor ailments during this time.

You would yield moderate benefits from the transit of naturally auspicious planets in its own sign.

The transit of Venus would give financial benefits to the philosophical archer of the zodiac sign. The archers would enjoy a luxurious and prosperous life during this period.

  • You would get an appreciation of your performance from your senior officials at your workplace.
  • You can expect rewards and recognition of your sincere efforts from your superiors and immediate boss.
  • The relationship with your boss, superiors and senior officials would be better during this transit period.
  • Your business would yield good profits during this period.
  • Your love-life would be full of romance and happiness.
  • Your spouse or beloved would understand your emotions and you can expect his/her support during this period.
  • The individuals who are planning to get married would get a compatible partner and the chance of getting married during this period would increase.
  • Your married life would be peaceful and harmonious.

Overall the adventurous and philosophical archers would witness mixed results.

The transitory motion of Venus would bring obstacles in your professional life and difficulty in getting expected results.

  • You should be careful in your career path as you are going to see a lot of obstacles in your path and would not get results equivalent to the efforts you put in your work.
  • You need to put sincere efforts and do the hard work in order to achieve your goals and reach milestones.
  • You should avoid arguments and misunderstandings with your seniors and colleagues as there are chances of straining relations with them.
  • You should do your daily tasks with utmost care at your workplace.
  • You should carry out a detailed analysis before changing your job if you are planning it.
  • You would face a lot of issues in your love life.
  • Your partner would hurt you on some occasions.
  • Your married life would be hectic and difficult to find mental peace.
  • Your health would be moderate and no major ailments are foreseen.

Overall the transit period is not quite favorable for Capricornians.

The transitory motion of Venus in Libra sign would be favorable for selfless water bearer in their various fields.

  • Your social life would be active.
  • The job seekers would get opportunities in their desired areas.
  • You would get opportunities to increase your income through various sources.
  • Your senior officials would appreciate your hard work at your workplace.
  • Individuals in partnership firms would crack business deals and get better returns from it.
  • Your love life would be good.
  • You would get support from your spouse in your personal and professional growth.
  • You can enjoy a peaceful married life.
  • Your decisions related to higher studies would be favorable for your career.

Aquarians would see overall favorable and beneficial results in this transit phase.

The sensitive fish should control their ardent desires but there is a chance of gaining materialistic things during this transitory motion.

  • Your job responsibilities would increase in this transit phase.
  • Your path to success in your career would be a bit challenging.
  • Your business will grow only if you put your hard and sincere efforts in it.
  • Your relationship may move forward to the next level and you may get married to your partner.
  • The individuals who are singles can find their ideal match in this transit phase.
  • The married life of couples would be full of happiness.
  • You may not be able to follow your schedule or plans due to the disturbances created by your health issues.
  • The students are advised to stay away from the bad company.

The transit phase is mostly beneficial for emotional and sensitive Pisceans.

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