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Jesus! Madonna is in love again

Jesus! Madonna is in love again

At 51, Madonna is still a looker. Men drool and see her as the woman of their wet dreams and women go to church, praying for a body like hers. So, when reports on the Material Girl’s clandestine affair with a 22-year-old Brazilian model surfaced, everyone, barring a few, was like: “Lucky Jesus!”Now that Madonna is reportedly planning to marry her new toy boy Jesus Luz, there are reports of Jesus making a switch from Christianity to Kabbalah. “Blasphemous,” some might say, but Luz is apparently too much in love.

Ganesha analyses their relationship with the help of Vedic Astrology principles.

Date of birth: 16th August, 1958
Time of birth: 7 hours 5 minutes
Place of birth: Bay City, Michigan, USA

Date of birth: 15th January, 1988
Time of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Contact points in Madonna and Jesus’s horoscope

Planet in Madonna’s Chart Planet in Jesus’s Chart Sign of contact Type of contact by aspect (Whole Sign)
Jupiter and Rahu Pluto Libra Conjunction
Retrograde Saturn Moon and Mars Scorpio Conjunction
Sun and Venus Sun and Mercury Cancer -Capricorn Opposition

  • Ganesha has considered only the strongest contact points for mutual attraction. Both of them have Venus to Venus in the inconjunct aspect, which indicates that though they may be strongly attracted to each other, they find it difficult to understand each other’s requirements in love.
  • Sun in Madonna’s chart is in opposition to Sun in Jesus’s chart. The principal of ‘opposites attract’ is quite evident here. Sun-Venus opposition is also a potent arrangement for mutual attraction.
  • However, Pluto in Jesus’s chart falls on Madonna’s Jupiter and Rahu. It is to be noted that Jupiter and Rahu conjunction is widely known as Chaandaal Yoga in Vedic Astrology System because Jupiter is benefic to most planets and Rahu is a strong malefic. This conjunction causes defamation due to love relationships. This configuration in Madonna’s chart has been badly influenced by Jesus’s Pluto, which is why she got involved in this relationship.
  • Retrograde Saturn in Madonna’s chart forms conjunction with Jesus’s Mars and Moon. Interestingly, this happens in Scorpio sun sign wherein Mars is very strong because Mars owns this sign. Since Scorpio rules sexual organs and sexual desires (Ref: In Indian mythological pictures, we see the image of a Scorpio on the thighs of Rajaswala woman, indicating that she craves for sexual stimulation during that period), so retrograde Saturn’s contact with Mars and Moon indicates that the couple is physically attracted and Jesus would be dominant in this relationship as far as the physical aspect is concerned. Although Madonna is more experienced in the area, she won’t be able to resist him and will succumb to his demands.

In her life, Madonna has been involved with a lot of men. Her first husband was Sean Penn and then she exchanged vows with Guy Ritchie. If she marries Jesus, this will be her third marriage.

In Madonna’s chart, Saturn is transiting through Leo and aspecting its own sign in the 7th House of partnership in her natal chart. In Jesus’s chart, transiting Saturn is aspecting natal Venus. Now, Jesus’s Venus falls in the 7th House of partner in Madonna’s chart. This means Madonna would like to have him as a life partner, but because this relationship seems to be based more on a mutual physical attraction and has commenced during Saturn’s adverse transit, it is likely to generate disappointment for both of them as time goes. The rest will also depend on the muhurat of marriage (date and time fixed to tie the knot).

May Lord Ganesha bless Madonna and Jesus with stability in their relationship.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team