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Jacqueline Fernandez’s Woes Far From Over

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Woes Far From Over

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez’s troubles in the ₹200cr money laundering case are far from over. Embroiled in the controversy involving conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar, she would remain troubled till late August 2023, Ganesha predicts.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Date of Birth:- 11 August 1985

Birth Time:- Not Known 

Place of Birth:- Manama, Bahrain

Jacqueline Fernandez surya kundali

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The cancer sign arises in the actor’s Surya Kundali with the presence of three planets in the 1st house.

She is under the influence of Rahu & Ketu’s return through the 10th and 4th houses respectively. Hence, this has caused major troubles through various government investigative agencies like the Enforcement Directorate, observes Achārya Bhaṭṭāchārya of GaneshaSpeaks.

The impact of Rahu’s return through the 10th house will still remain troublesome for her till the end of August 2023. During this period, she might continue to face questions from the government.

While Jupiter’s transit through the 9th house might work as a savior after March 2023, her personal reputation and goodwill might still get deeply affected.

As far as her career and other endorsement projects are concerned, the period till August 2023 might remain below average. She might lose some important projects if discussed or negotiated during this period. In other words, the period till August 2023 is not suitable for negotiations, she must make necessary compromises in terms of revenues.

Post-September 2023, her life path may remain better and her expectations from her hard work may also get fulfilled. However, chances of enormous gains or profits are not foreseen through films till the end of 2023.

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