How Fully Vaccinated Kamal Haasan Lost The Battle Against Planets?

How Fully Vaccinated Kamal Haasan Lost The Battle Against Planets?

Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan is known for his acting performance, who keeps on winning the hearts of his fans. Recently, after returning from the USA, he was tested positive for coronavirus.

Zooming into his birth chart, there are unfavourably-placed planets, which may give bad results to him. These planets may have negative impacts on his health and professional life.

According to the theories of Vedic astrology, his new film ‘Vikram’ is slated to release early next year. This may get a lame response from the audience. Taking a closer look, the actor is expected to be in bad health until the first week of December.

Positively, he has strong Mars and Jupiter aspecting each other. This combination will work in his favour, and Hence, he may soon get on his feet.

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Moreover, the Sun and Saturn are sitting in the same house of the actor’s birth chart. This inauspicious combination may get Kamal Hasaan into political controversies. Therefore, he needs to be careful while speaking in public.

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