Good times are here to stay for actor-producer Arbaaz Khan, predicts Ganesha

of a renowned scriptwriter Salim Khan and younger brother of
superstar Salman Khan??? Arbaaz, belongs to one of the most
influential families of the Indian film industry. He made his debut
in 'Daraar' (1996), which won him the Filmfare Award for the best
performance in a negative role. The audience also appreciated his
performance in 'Fashion'. In his career of 15 years, Arbaaz Khan has
acted in a number of films, but has failed to achieve stardom. But
with one film ??? Dabangg, as a producer and actor, he nearly set the
box-office on fire! The film which released in 2010 became one of the
highest grossing films of Bollywood. It gave the much needed boost to
Arbaaz's career. There's a lot to look forward to in the times to
come, as Arbaaz is now working on Dabangg 2.

one of Bollywood's highest-grossing films in his kitty, Arbaaz seems
to be raring to go. As the actor-producer celebrates his 45th
birthday on 4th
August, Ganesha finds out with the help of Vedic astrology whether
year 2012 augurs good luck for this lesser known Khan.



of birth:- 4
August, 1967

of birth:- Unknown

of birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Khan Surya Kundli



  • Ganesha observes that Arbaaz
    Khan is born with Venus in Leo.

  • Jupiter is exalted in his chart.

  • Mars is afflicted by Ketu

  • Mercury is Swagruhi

  • Currently Jupiter is transiting
    over Natal Rahu and is in Trine with Natal Venus.

  • Transiting Saturn is in
    opposition with Natal Saturn



  • Ganesha
    foresees a year full of activities in Arbaaz's Natal Chart. The year
    may prove more favourable, as Jupiter's transit through the 10th
    House from Natal Sun and Jupiter is going to reward him in some way
    or the other.

  • He may think of producing
    another film towards the end of 2012. The film may not be as
    successful as Dabangg but will surely boost his confidence and he
    will continue his journey as a producer, notes Ganesha.

  • As an actor, he may experience
    average success in the year ahead. But, according to Ganesha, he is
    likely to be in the limelight between November 2011 and February

  • His personal life may remain
    relatively hassle-free during the year ahead.

  • Although he may appear in few
    films during the coming year, Ganesha feels that the Indian audience
    will appreciate his occasional appearances in films.


Ganesha's Grace,

N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team