Good times ahead for Bollywood’s wild child Salman Khan, says Ganesha.

people are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have
greatness thrust upon them. The enigmatic actor Salman Khan
definitely blends the lines between the last two categories. After an
unforgettable debut in Maine
Pyar Kiya

in 1989, which earned him a Best Male Debut Award from Filmfare,
Sallu (as he is fondly called), only went from strength to strength.
Be it the gentle rebel of Baaghi,
the upright cop of Patthar
ke Phool
the heart-rending lover of Love,
or the irreverent playboy of Saajan
? he infused each role with character, an effort that made him the
undisputed darling of the masses. The original hot-bod of Bollywood,
Salman can give any Hollywood star a run for his money with his
perfectly chiselled body and drop-dead gorgeous looks. He earned the
unique distinction of starring in the highest-grossing films of six
years from 1991 to 1999. Although, 1992 and 1993 were uneventful for
him despite 6 releases, he bounced back with a blockbuster in the
form of Andaz
Apna Apna. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
helping him re-establish himself and winning him a Filmfare Award for
Best Actor.

relatively quiet time followed for Sallu, post 2000, with only Tere
Naam, Baghban, and Partner

being declared hits. Unfazed by the stories surrounding his
tumultuous love life, his numerous affairs with actresses of the
time, including Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif, he chose to maintain
a dignified silence on most occasions. An endearing host of popular
reality shows like 10
ka Dum

and Bigg
Salman is a down-to-earth introvert, who believes in the theory of
‘live and let live’. Hidden behind his ‘eligible bachelor’ image is a
humanitarian; Salman has been the force behind the NGO, Being Human,
the proceeds of which go towards rehabilitating the underprivileged.

Dabangg, Ready,
two being 2011 releases, have
taken Salman way ahead of his contemporaries. Will the year 2012
prove to be as propitious for him? Will he find his love in the
coming year? Ganesha reads his natal chart, and predicts what lies
ahead in the year 2012 for Bollywood’s favourite wild child with a
heart of gold.


December 1965

hours 37 min.
MP, India

Khan’s horoscope


  • In
    Salman Khan’s chart, Jupiter will be transiting through the
    Ascendant till May 2012 and after that it will be transiting through
    the 2nd
    House, over Natal Rahu.

  • Mars
    will be transiting through the 5th
    house of his chart till mid of the year.

  • Salman
    Khan will be under the influence of Rahu Ketu half return – in

  • Ganesha
    notes that till 15th
    August 2012, he would be under the influence of Saturn major period
    and Venus sub period. After this, Saturn major period and Sun Sub
    period would begin.


  • Ganesha
    feels that the year ahead would be great for Salman Khan as Dasha
    and transits are in his favour.

  • His
    graph as an actor will keep rising for the fact that Venus sub
    period and sub period of Sun both are in his favour, however time
    till August 2012 is much better and time after August 2012 may be
    average for him.

  • More
    than one big release is expected from him, as his charts shows
    favourable transits and Dasha Bhuktis.

  • Due
    to Rahu’s transit through the 8th
    House, health issues are expected.

  • Stars
    are favouring him, and he may get into a committed relationship.
    It’s on him to make the best out of this favourable year ahead.

N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team

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