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Ganesha says Shilpa Shetty’s stars will keep shining next year

Ganesha says Shilpa Shetty’s stars will keep shining next year

From a high-profile victim of racist attacks made by her fellow celebrity inmates, including the late Jade Goody, in UK-based reality show Big Brother, till her 35th birthday on 8th June, sultry actor Shilpa Shetty has come a long way.

This year, the archetypical modern yet still abla, Bhartiya naari has been feeling particularly trippy after being made ambassador of Vijay Mallya’s vodka brand Romanov, and brand ambassador of IPL team Rajasthan Royals. But the icing-on-the-cake event was finding “the love of her life” in NRI-businessman Raj Kundra.

Also, Shilpa has been flooded with offers from Hollywood and is even tipped to be the next Bond Girl. And, we haven’t even started yet about how good the year has been for her.

Nonetheless, while Shilpa is celebrating her birthday with her hubby-in-waiting, we focus on whether the sensuous Bollywood diva will continue the dream run next year, or are there a few hurdles round the corner? Ganesha uses the Vedic Astrology System to answer these questions.

Shilpa Shetty’s Surya Kundli
8th June, 1975
Chennai, India

  • Jupiter is transiting through the 10th House from Sun and Moon
  • In mid 2010, Shilpa enters Jupiter return phase
  • Ketu is transiting over Venus, the significator of love
  • Uranus is transiting over Jupiter and Mars
  • Saturn will transit over natal Pluto after last quarter of 2009

  • This is the year of major changes in Shilpa’s life, especially with Jupiter Return coming up in May 2010.
  • Shilpa is likely to do surprisingly well in whatever she takes up and is also suppose to remain in the limelight throughout the year.
  • She is likely to face some difficulties on the love front and may have to adjust quite a bit after getting married because of Ketu’s transit over Venus. Shilpa will try to maintain her cool and take wise decisions related to her career.
  • The beautiful actor may also do some noble deeds, which will help her gather goodwill.
  • October 2009 to March 2010 is an intense period for Shilpa’s personal and professional life. During this phase, she may appear in media more than usual.
  • The actor may give a new direction to her career before her next birthday.

With best wishes to Shilpa Shetty.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,