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Famous Birthdays in August

Famous Birthdays in August

The start of August brings with it a lot of energy and passion. And most of it is because of the people who are born in August. These people are full of life and transmit it to everyone around them. And because they are smart and creative people, being a celebrity comes naturally to them. Being the centre of attention is easy for them. They are brave and fearless and are natural leaders. They take pride in themselves and possess an extreme sense of supremacy. They are determined and put in a lot of hard work to fulfil their desires. No wonder we have so many celebrities born in August.

Famous people born in August tend to be extremely enthusiastic about everything around them. They have very high self-esteem, and they are very much determined, which helps them in achieving big goals in their life. They always lead from the front, and they usually set examples for others. They like travelling, and they are attention-seekers. They are born royal, and they love to live a glorious life like a king. Most of them are also very lucky.

We have curated for you a list of top ten August-born celebrities. Read on to know which celebrity born in August has what qualities. You will also find their yearly birthday predictions here.

Famous Birthdays To Celebrate In August

1. Meghan Markle (Born: 4th August 1981)
The first one on our list is a royal, just like most of the people born in August. Meghan Markle is a perfect example of a good leader. She is self-motivated and fortunate in many ways. Just like all August-born people, she tends to keep her sensitive side to herself. Know more about her birthday predictions.

2. Kajol (Born: 5th August 1974)
Another Leo on our list is Kajol. Like most famous people born in August, Kajol has been remarkably lucky. She is creative, brave, and fearless. She is determined and puts in a lot of efforts in getting her work done. To know more about her horoscope and future, read our annual birthday prediction.

3. Saif Ali Khan (Born: 16th August 1970)
Saif Ali Khan is, again, a literal royal. Very fortunate in terms of wealth and looks. He also possesses a supreme sense of self. A pure Leo at heart Saif Ali Khan is very energetic. You can find his birthday prediction here.

4. Sara Ali Khan (Born: 12th August 1995)
A newbie in the film industry, Sara Ali Khan takes after her father as a pure Leo. She is extremely hard-working and someday wants to be a politician- a natural leader! Her birthday prediction says a lot more about her. Read on.

5. Robert De Niro (Born: 17th August 1943)
The oldest celebrity on our list, Robert De Niro has time and again proven that he is the best. He is talented, has multiple awards to himself and loves the spotlight. And if you are curious about his year ahead, read his birthday prediction.

6. Chris Hemsworth (Born: 11th August 1983)
When it comes to being the most charming person among celebrities born in August, Chris Hemsworth takes the cake. He has a natural aura surrounding him, which attracts a lot of attention. Like a real Leo, he can make people worship him. If you want, you can sneak-a-peek into his year ahead right here.

7. Jacqueline Fernandez (Born: 11th August 1985)
Jacqueline Fernandez is a classic example of a self-motivated and determined Leo. Although she had a lot of luck on her side, it was her passion for what she does that got her fame and fortune. A lot of luxuries are also in store for her. To know more, read on.

8. Jennifer Lawrence (Born: 15th August 1990)
Being fearless and extremely confident is what made Jennifer Lawrence a celebrity. She is undoubtedly talented, and she makes sure she works hard to rise on the top of her game. She is one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses, and it’s all because of her fiery passion and her drive to be the best. Can her life get any better? Read our birthday prediction to know more.

9. Taapsee Pannu (Born: 1st August 1987)
Taapsee Pannu is what someone would call a confident person. She has a great zeal for life. Her passions make her fierce and powerful. And we all know she loves the spotlight way too much. She can also get a little too angry at times. A perfect Leo in all senses! Find her 2019 birthday prediction right here.

10. Cameron Diaz (Born: 30th August 1972)
The last one on our famous people born in August list is a Virgo, not a Leo like most of the other celebrities. However, when it comes to being talented and centre of attention, Cameron Diaz sure beats all the other stars. To find out more about her year ahead, read our yearly birthday prediction.

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