Don 2 may open to packed houses, foretells Ganesha.

year 2011 has nearly come to an end, and although the Indian film
industry has had its usual share of hits and misses, it is yet to
receive its mega-blockbuster of the year. As the year inches towards
its end, all eyes are set on the much-awaited Shahrukh Khan starrer 'Don 2: The chase continues'. The formula plot of the movie that
apparently revolves around the rush to chase down the cold-blooded
Don may not be unique at the first glance, it does promise to be a
treat for the lovers of King Khan. The movie buffs are
also keen to watch
their favourite stars the inimitable Shahrukh Khan and sizzling, sultry
Priyanka Chopra set afire the screens together.

the film, Shahrukh, who spots a different look with a new hairdo,
will be doing what he is exemplary at, playing an errant with
negative shades. And, Priyanka Chopra, the bold and brazen 'junglee billi' of the prequel to this
movie, shall be seen attempting intense fist fights and action
use of advanced technology and gadgetry
makes the film easily distinguishable from its previous counterparts.
'Don 2: The chase continues' is a sequel to 'Don: The chase begins
again', a 2006
blockbuster, which
was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan starrer
'Don', one of the cult classics of the late 70s.
However, 'Don 2' is neither a remake of the old film nor inspired by
any of the Hollywood flicks. Written and directed
by the
film-maker Farhan Akhtar, the film is being touted as an original
concept. This time the expectations are sky high, what with avid
promises made by the cast and crew of taking the story and suspense
to an altogether different level.

2: The chase continues' will
be released in the cinemas across
India on 23rd
December, 2011. How will the film fare at the box office? Will it
manage to capture audience's undivided attention? Ganesha finds out
with the help of Vedic Astrology.

2 : The chase continues
time chart for
India's major territory


  • Venus is placed within two
    degrees of Ascendant, which is one of the most favourable points.

  • In
    addition, Venus is in a friendly sign. There is an exchange between
    Venus and Saturn in the kundali.

  • Moon
    will be approaching Rahu, but Rahu is favourably placed in the 11th

  • Mercury and Moon both are placed
    in Anuradha Constellation.

  • Venus
    gets exalted in the Navmansha chart.


  • Here is another blockbuster
    after Dabang and Robot, says Ganesha.

  • Don
    2 is going to receive a warm welcome at the box-office in all the
    major territories of India, and its first weekend's business is
    likely to be more than 80 percent. This is because, in
    Sarvashtakvarga Chart of the release time chart, the 11th
    House has got more Bindus as compared to the 10th
    House, which will play a major role in the success of the film.

  • Also, Venus Saturn exchange will
    play a vital role in film's success.

  • Lord
    of the 12th
    House, Jupiter is retrograde in the 4th
    House, as it is aspecting the Sun. The Sun is placed in the 12th
    House in a fiery sign and the 9th
    sign of Universal Zodiac - Sagittarius. Hence, Ganesha feels that
    Don 2 will do great business overseas as well.

  • Debilitated
    Moon, the Lord of the 7th
    House with Rahu indicates that the film may give rise to some
    controversies. However, it will not affect the film's business at
    all, says Ganesha.

N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team