Rahu-Ketu making things bitter on the relationship front for Britney, Says Ganesha

Britney Spears- the maverick American singer and actress was born as Britney Jean Spears to Lynne Spears and James Spears. Very well-known for her firebrand and strong personality, Britney has seen it all in life, be it from maddeningly fantastic stardom to a not-so pleasant personal life and a broken love-life. From performing in acting roles in stage productions and television shows to creating record-breaking studio albums, she has had a wonderful and a remarkable career as such, until the much-publicised personal issues somewhat eclipsed her career. She has literally been a great example of the “Life of Extremes” and she has always lived life on the edge. Following a yet another heart-shattering break-up with Charlie Ebersol, things seem gloomy again on Love-front for Britney. So Ganesha decided to take the help of her birth-chart and explain why is her love-life the way it is and what the future has in store for her. So Let’s follow Ganesha in his astro-tour and understand Britney’s stars…

Britney Spears
Date of Birth : 02nd December, 1981
Time of Birth : 01.30 A.M.
Place of Birth : Kentwood, LA, USA




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Astrological Observations

  • Currently Jupiter is transiting over Rahu through 11th house of Britney’s chart. It is aspecting planets posited in the 3rd house and 5th house of her chart till 14th July 2015.
  • After that, it will transit through Leo sign over Mars in her chart.
  • Retrograde Saturn will be transiting over her natal Sun and Mercury till 1st August 2015. It will be aspecting her natal Venus, Moon, Ketu and Mars.
  • Rahu is transiting over natal Saturn through the Ascendant and Ketu through the 7th house till January 2016.
  • She is under influence of major period of Jupiter and sub period of Mercury till 6th April 2017.

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Astrological Predictions

Britney Spears – She sure has a turbulent love life, and her career too is not exactly going places, as much as it should. What do the planets indicate?

  • As Venus Ketu and Moon are placed in the 5th house of love in her chart, her love life is not going to remain stable. She is likely to face high tides and low tides in the matters of Love and the Heart due to Ketu’s association with Venus and it’s position in the 5th house of love.
  • Her singing career may not pick up in the nearer future. However, after August 2016 when Jupiter transits through her Ascendant and aspects her natal Venus as well as the 5th house of performance, her career will get uplifted and she may again grab the limelight.

Will she settle down ever, especially when she has again broken up with boyfriend Charlie Ebersol?!

  • Ganesha notes that Rahu Ketu are transiting over 1st house 7th house axis in Britney’s horoscope. As 7th house of marriage and relationships is afflicted by Ketu’s transit, chances of her settling down are lesser.
  • Britney may think of settling down within an year of Jupiter’s transit through Virgo, which will begin on the 11th August 2016.

And, will we get to hear some of her new melodies any time soon?

  • Transiting Jupiter’s square with Mercury, Uranus and Sun may motivate her to record some new albums/melodies.
  • However, after 11th August 2016 when transiting Jupiter aspects her natal Venus and 5th house of performance, we can expect more of her new and better melodies.

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Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Britney Spears and wishes that she enthralls her fans once again.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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