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Birthday forecast for Bipasha Basu

Birthday forecast for Bipasha Basu


Bipasha Basu — Bollywood’s sensuous dusky beauty is turning another year older on 7th January. On this occasion, Ganesha finds out that the year 2009 is going to be a not-so-good year for her. Her love life may suffer to some extent. Ups and downs can be expected in her line of work. Health wise too, things may not be so favourable for her. Overall, 2009 wouldn’t be a great year for Bipasha, forecasts Ganesha.

DOB – 7th January 1979
TOB – Unknown (Sun Sign Chart)
POB – New-Delhi


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As per Solar Arc, Mars is active in this year, because the Mars – Ketu Axis MidPoint, Mars – Uranus axis MidPoint and Mars Neptune axis gets activated. Note that Mars is the lord of her fifth house of love.

Transiting Jupiter will be opposite to natal Jupiter. Jupiter is the lord of her ascendant and the fourth house of emotions and satisfaction, home and heart.

Transiting Jupiter will be debilitated and in conjunction with Rahu.

Jupiter and Rahu will transit through the second house of family.

Ketu will transit over natal Jupiter.

  1. Love issues seem to be prominent. She may be hurt in love matters. There are chances that her long term love affair with John Abraham may be severed. Her creativity and acting skills may be under severe pressure.
  2. Her mentality and confidence may be down and low throughout the year. Relations with family members may be under stress and any plans of making her own family may meet with failure.
  3. In the last quarter of the year, any of her released movies, will court and meet with strong criticism. She may also opt for scandalous relations as a mode to release the steam that has gathered throughout the year due to failures in love.
  4. She may fall sick in the months of May, June and July 2009.
  5. There could be an accident too or hospitalization in the second and third quarters of 2009.
  6. She may sell off her home or house or change residence.

Ganesha feels that the year 2009 may not be the year which she may want to relive again.

Wishing Bips all the best in 2009.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia