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Barbara Mori Ochoa- The Next Toast of Bollywood

Barbara Mori Ochoa- The Next Toast of Bollywood


Model turned actress Barbara Mori Ochoa was born on February 02, 1978. She started her early career as a model and then later became a telenovela actress with TV Azteca. In 2005 Mori obtained the starring role in the blockbuster film La mujer de mi hermano.

Recently, she signed a Bollywood movie. The film is titled ‘Kites’ co-starring Hrithik Roshan. In the light of this, Ganesha foresees the future of Barbara Mori Ochoa in Bollywood.

DOB – February 02, 1978
TOB – Unknown
POB – Montevideo (Uruguay)


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In the Sun Chart of Barbara Sukra, the significator of charm and beauty, as well as Yog Karaka planet are placed in the Ascendant and is in separating conjunction with Sun which is beneficial. This separating conjunction of Sukra provides result and add charm and glamour in her life. Sukra, the Lord of her Tenth House of career, indicates that she will be involved in a profession related to Sukra and she has been in the same since she was 14.

Sukra is combust since the time of her birth and so its Natal energies are weak and this has created hurdles on her way to fame.

When her Progressed Sukra was free from combustion on March 1, 1978 at the age of 27 , she got an opportunity to star in a film La mujer de mi hermano which was a block buster. Thus, it is noticeable that as and when Progessed Sukra was moving away from the combustion she got better roles as well as success and fame.

On her birthday, February 2, 2008 Progressed Sukra was at 29 Degrees in Kumbha thus ready to enter its exaltation sign. She got an offer from Rakesh Roshan, to star against Hrithik Roshan for his upcoming movie ‘Kites’ to be released in 2009.

Further, on her coming birth anniversary February 2, 2009, transiting Sukra will be in conjunction with her Progressed Sukra and both will be exalted. The film will be released around Mid 2009. This shows that she will be successful in achieving fame and celebrity status in Bollywood.

Also, notice that Chandra, the Lord of her Seventh House of public image and fame, though debilitated in her chart, is in the Eleventh House, trine to its own house, exchanging places with Mangal, its dispositor, forming an exchange between the Lords of the Seventh and the Eleventh House which is a good Yoga (Parivartan Yoga) despite both the planets being debilitated. This trine is in a separating orb of 3 degrees. Notice that on March 5, 1978 when Progressed Sukra became exalted, at the same time, Progressed Mars and Moon were aspecting each other with an orb of 3 degrees. Progressed Sukra will be in trine with Natal Mars and Moon, with an orb of 3 degrees. Transiting Sukra as on February 2, 2009 will be in trine with her Natal Mars and Moon and in conjunction with Progressed Sukra.

This is such a nice planetary transitions that Barbara cannot miss being famous or become the next toast of Bollywood.

Ganesha feels that Barbara Mori Ochoa will definitely become Bollywood’s next lady sensation.

Wishing her good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless her.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia