Are Stars In Full Motion For The King of Slow Motion, Raghav Juyal?


Raghav Juyal is a world-class dancer, choreographer, and show host of India. For his unique dance style and iconic slow-motion walk, he is also known as the 'King of Slow Motion' and 'Crockroaxz.' This time, the dancer has been stuck in controversy for his recent remarks in a dance reality show ‘Dance Deewane 3’. Let’s check out the Astro aspect behind his career & coming time. 

Raghav Juyal, born on July 10, 1991, in Dehradun, has a Venus yoga in his natal chart. Saturn is also in its own sign. The exalted Moon and Jupiter strengthen his horoscope. Surprisingly, some planets in Raghav's horoscope are also the cause of the recent controversy. 

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There is a Sun-Ketu eclipse in his horoscope. The Sun and Ketu are both in transit at the same time. Raghav's reputation has suffered as a result. Raghav's future could look like this for about a month or so. Post that, the disputes may reduce to some level. To all Raghav lovers out there, all you can do now is hope for the best.


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