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While B’wood May Witness A Rise Of Regional Cinema, New Talent Will Shine In H’wood

While B’wood May Witness A Rise Of Regional Cinema, New Talent Will Shine In H’wood

While B'wood May Witness A Rise Of Regional Cinema

Entertainment – India
How things transpired in 2016:

There are a lot of ‘novel’ things that happened in the world of Bollywood in 2016, and some ‘events’ in the Indian Film Industry packed more solid drama than any other finely directed Manmohan Desai or Sanjay Leela Bhansali film! The FTII row, the hostile ‘relationship’ between Pahlaj Nihalani and Anurag Kashyap, The ‘Udta Punjab’ controversy, Salman Khan’s weird comments during Sultan’s promotions, the big break-up of Ranbir-Katrina, Hrithik-Kangana fiasco and a lot more episodes gave us enough masala. Speaking of the films, it was a mixed bag, filled with some sweet ‘n’ sour experiences. Finally, the eventful year has ended and 2K17 has begun. What do the planets indicate about our apna B’town? Find out.

Paradigm shift from personality to themes
In July 2017, Jupiter will be transiting through the 5th House of creativity, emotions and performance in India’s country chart. In view of the same, Ganesha feels that Indian movies will become more performance and message oriented, rather than just being focused on personalities. Love affairs of film stars may surface. Real life lovers starring in the same films will be coming up with more romantic films in India. Martial art or action oriented movies may not do so well as compared to stories based on emotions and good logic.

Small players will make it big
There will be a change of trend wherein even small players (small production houses or producers) will also come up with good subjects. Regional cinema will also start doing well as compared to earlier years. Ganesha feels that even if some of the movies are copied, the presentation of the story will make a lot of difference. While high budget movies through foreign investments may do well during the year ahead, Ganesha feels that we will get to see good low-budget movies too. The story-line will become the main attractive factor, rather than the actors and actresses. Audio-visual medium will expand more and more. Indian movies will gain world-wide fame. Subjects touching the Indian middle-class will also be filmed and will be appreciated. Production and distribution technologies will become more slick. Indian films are also likely to win international awards.

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Entertainment – World

A look at the year that went by:
Very few would disagree with the fact that it wasn’t one of the best years for Hollywood. There were more events that shocked than the ones that rocked – the big fat Brangelina split, Kim-Kanye-Swift row, a long list of flops, the grand clash between Trump and Hollywood, allegations against Johnny Depp, amongst others saw a lot of raised eyebrows. Some celebrities that stole the show, were Leonardo Dicaprio (yes, he finally won the much-cherished OSCAR!) and Priyanka Chopra (you shouldn’t be amazed!). But, how will the new year 2017 prove to be for Hollywood? Get the answers below.

New kids on the block will unleash their talent
At the world level, entertainment industry is going to spend huge sums and accumulate good money too. New and young singers are going to come up. New kids on the block will be performing well and will also come up with some crazy ideas. Fusion will become more popular and more creative stuff is going to spread in the market. Standard of international films will increase. Fiction and fantasy will lead the market.

Golden era for world cinema in the last quarter
Movies with average budget will also do well, while big players are going to mint money. However, Ganesha foresees heavy criticism of movies happening during 2017 so makers will have to be more careful and cautious. They will have to maintain their standard and must avoid goof-ups of any kind. Towards the last quarter of the year, world cinema will enter a new era altogether. From September 2017, world cinema and entertainment industry will see a golden period for about a year, says Ganesha.

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