Salman and Aamir may not let their bro-man spirit get affected by a minor clash!

The latest gossip in tinseltown is about Aamir Khan and Salman Khan’s friendship having gone kaput. Apparently, whispers in the filmy corridor suggest that Aamir’s unnecessary lecturing to Salman Khan over career choices at a private success party thrown by the latter irked the ‘Dabangg’ Khan so much that he lashed out at Aamir and walked out leaving the ‘PK’ actor in tears. The actors who are both social media savvy, haven’t spoken about the incident yet. What is the exact picture that awaits both the Khans? Will we witness another big Khan-clash? Ganesha feels otherwise! Check out why…

Salman Khan
Date of Birth :- 27th December , 1965
Time of Birth :- 14.37
Place of Birth :- Indore ,Madhya Pradesh , India


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Aamir Khan
Date of Birth :- 14th March, 1965
Time of Birth :- 06.15 AM
Place of Birth :- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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1) Do the planets indicate a bad phase in the friendship of these two Khans?

Important astrological observations

  • Aamir is under the influence of Sun major period and sub period of Jupiter till 23 July, 2016. Jupiter rules the 11th House of friendship in his chart and Sun is the the Lord of the 7th House of public image, placed in the Ascendant.
  • Salman is under the influence of Saturn major period and sub period of Mars till 6th April, 2016. Mars is his Ascendant Lord and Saturn is in the 11th House of friendship, in it’s own sign.

Just a passing phase?

  • As per Ganesha’s view, the current so-called tension phase is just a temporary phase for this ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’ friends. It’s not a bad phase for them, it’s a tricky phase that requires careful handling. That’s it, says Ganesha!

2) If there is a clash that has taken place indeed, will they get back to friendly terms soon?

Important astrological observations:

  • Transiting Jupiter is aspecting the 11th House of friendship in Salman’s chart. in Amir’s chart, 11th House of friendship’s Lord Jupiter (posited in Aries) is aspected by transiting Jupiter.

Bouncing back with Bro-man Spirit!

  • In view of the planetary transits in both the charts, there are higher chances of the presumed clash getting sorted out very soon. It will be sorted out very amicably. They will not keep any hard feelings for each other for long, feels Ganesha!

3) What may have caused the sudden strain?

Important astrological observations :-

  • In Aamir’s chart Saturn is transiting over Natal Mars, which is aspecting his Sun, Venus and Saturn placed in the Ascendant.
  • In Salman’s chart Saturn is transiting over his Mercury and Ketu

The unfortunate day!

  • On 7th October, 2015 in Salman’s chart transiting Saturn was almost in degreecal square position with Aamir’s Natal Mars. It was in degreecal opposition with his Natal Rahu.
  • This is the reason which may have made things between them tricky!

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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