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Which Planets Keep Bitcoin Prices Up, Always?

Even though unregulated by the Indian government and not a legal tender in India, cryptocurrencies are slowly making waves in the country. The most well-known cryptocurrency of them all, Bitcoin, had its value doubled in the last six months! The USA’s launch of the Bitcoin trading fund has helped the currency to grow even bigger than what it was. As of Nov 9, the one Bitcoin price in India equals ₹50,33,735.22 (approx Rs 50 lakhs).

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Founded on Jan 3, 2009, Bitcoin has a Sagittarius ascendant in the solar chart. In the house of finance, there is a conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu. This conjunction is the reason behind the speculative character of the currency. Saturn, the Lord of the second house, is residing in the house of luck, which is a great combination. Due to all these, Bitcoin prices are likely to stay up, and it’s looking even better after Dec 23, 2021.

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