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When Will Planets Stabilise The Rising LPG Prices?

When on one hand Indians are already reeling under the onslaught of rising prices, the LPG gas cylinder prices have also shot up once again.

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Petrol companies have increased the rate of LPG by around Rs 15 per cylinder. After this increase, a 14.2 kg gas cylinder will cost Rs 886 in Kolkata, Rs 859.5 in Mumbai, Rs 897.5 in Lucknow and Rs 899.5 in Delhi.

India’s birth chart (kundli) shows that several planets have come together in the 3rd house. As per Astrology, if several planets transit from the 3rd or the 9th houses, it leads to major changes. Also, Jupiter and Saturn both are in retrograde motion across the 3rd house planets. Besides, Saturn is with Jupiter and Mars is with Sun.

This planetary combination is bound to create volatility in the LPG prices. This indicates that the natal birth chart and transits don’t indicate any stabling of prices anytime soon. Gas prices will increase continually. It may take a long time for these prices to calm down.

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