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Thailand Stock Market Nosedive

Thailand Stock Market Nosedive

Introduction: Thai Stock Market was established in July 1962. it was a private group at the time of establishment but later it became limited company BSE i.e. Bangkok Stock Exchange Co., Ltd. in the year 1963. Later, the Stock Exchange of Thailand became juristic entity of the Securities Exchange of Thailand Act and operations under the same begun on 30th April 1975. So, SET (Securities Exchange of Thailand) was enacted in 1974 formally but it began trading on 30th April 1975.

1st January 1991 was the date on which The Securities Exchange of Thailand became The Stock Exchange of Thailand. SET trades on all the bank business days – generally Monday to Friday. Trading is done in two sessions 10 am to 12-30 pm and 2pm to 4-30 pm.

Ganesha predicts the trend of SET with the help of Vedic Astrology System.

The Securities Exchange of Thailand Horoscope

1st January 1991
10 am

Bangkok, ThailandGaneshaSpeaks

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Ganesha observes that currently Thai Stock exchange is undergoing ‘Rahu Return’ phase. Jupiter is transiting through the 11th house of gains over Natal Sun and Retrograde Mercury. Ketu is transiting through the sixth house – the house of financial gains from speculative activities – it being the second house from the 5th house of speculation.

Considering the factors explained above, Ganesha foresees that there will be a trend of volatality in Thai Stock Market during the next three months. A major change in trend is expected in the month of December 2008 with Jupiter’s move from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Upper circuit and lower Circuit both are expected and Thai Stock Exchange’s activity might have to be stopped for few hours due to such reasons. Investors will have to be really careful as market is likely to be too speculative. It will be better to play safe, or else there are chances of losing money by the month of December 2008. Long term investors will not have any problems but intra-day traders will have to be extra careful, says Ganesha. SET does have a bright future there is no doubt about it but it will undergo high and low tides in the next three months, mainly due to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter’s transit. Natal Mars aspects the 10th house ruled by the sign Scorpio. Transiting Mars will be passing through Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius during November and December 2008 so, during these two months, Thai Stock Market will keep appearing in news.

Good luck to all the investors, Ganesha wishes all the best to SET trend-setters.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni