Know How with the Help of Astrology, You Too Can Earn a Lot of Money in the Stock Market!

Know How with the Help of Astrology, You Too Can Earn a Lot of Money in the Stock Market!

The stock market is such a business, where people become kings one day and ranks the next. Along with this, the stock market also shows the economic condition of any country. If the stock market of a country is booming, that is, there is a boom in the market, then it means that the economic condition of that country is very strong, and is increasing continuously. In such a situation, the people of that country and other foreign investments are optimistic about the economy of that country in the coming times. Conversely, if the stock market is in recession, ie falling down, it means that the economic condition is not good. The government there is not serious about the financial situation. In such a situation, there may be a recession in the country. There may also be an increase in the inflation rate. Which alienates all types of investors from the market.

In order to work in the stock market, one should have proper qualifications as well as good fortune. Because the stock market is the only business where very fast fluctuations are seen in a short period of time. The market can be bullish at any time and bearish at any time. In such a situation, every person cannot get success without hard work as well as luck.

In Indian Vedic astrology, it has been told that the market is greatly influenced by the position and movement of the planets. So let’s know about stock market astrology.

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What Is Stock Market Astrology?

Indian Vedic astrology is divided into different areas. Just as a separate astrological department has been allotted for each area, such as medical astrologer, remedy astrologer, marriage astrologer, education astrologer, love astrologer, career astrologer, property astrologer. In the same way there is also an economic astrologer.

Since there is only and only economic trading in the stock market. Therefore it comes under the economic astrologer. The 5th, 8th and 11th house, house or food are the factors of wealth in the horoscope of any person. Therefore, without their better condition, we cannot make economic development. The 5th is the life center of our horoscope. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen it for good profit in the stock market. As a result of which sudden wealth and financial success comes. If a person’s 5th house is weak then he should not work in the stock market. Otherwise the consequences can be dire. The native may also be completely ruined financially.

Rahu and Moon are responsible for profit and loss. Because Rahu also has a factor of uncertainty and contingency, and the stock market is full of uncertainties. Whereas the Moon shows the day-to-day position. Just as the Moon changes its shape and size every day, in the same way it affects the market.

The position of Mercury and Jupiter (Jupiter) directly affects the condition of the stock market. Since Mercury is the lord of wealth and Jupiter is the owner of treasure, its strong position in the horoscope gives great benefit to the native, while in case of weak position, one has to suffer loss. Both these planets are responsible for raising the stock index.

Therefore, these four planets Rahu, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, it is very important to be in your favor to work in the stock market and earn profit.

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Which Planet Is Responsible for Which Region?

In the stock market, any company raises money from the public to expand its business. It invests that money in business, and gives part of the profit from it in the form of dividend to its shareholders. In such a situation, it is very important for any share holder to be in favor of Rahu to earn profit in the stock market. Because only when the position of Rahu in the horoscope is better, you can make profit, otherwise there will be such a loss that you will not be able to recover for the rest of your life. One can get benefits only when the fifth house and its lord are strong in the horoscope. Apart from this, every astrological planet has its own sphere of influence. Due to which you can make good profits by trading in the shares of the related sector. Let us know which planets affect which area.

  • Sun – The lord of all the planets and the king of the solar system, the Sun is financially the lord of all. It covers most of the market segment. Sun is the lord of treasury, it affects government schemes, government transactions etc. In whose horoscope the Sun is in a favorable position. Deals should be made in stocks related to these such as public entities, mutual funds, timber trading, Ayurvedic and NSE shares. In this, the person is likely to get more benefits.
  • Chandra – Moon means Soma which is the factor of liquid things. Therefore, it is a factor of profit in the shares of companies related to the water sector. Such as maritime trade, ships, seafood etc. Milk products are products made from milk that are made by dairy companies. Companies working in the field of cotton. Companies related to the business of glass i.e. glass. Therefore, the Moon is strong in its horoscope, they can make deals in the shares of business related to all these areas.
  • Mars – Since Mars is of fiery nature. Therefore it is responsible for hot objects. Such as tea, coffee, minerals, infrastructure, reality sector etc. Therefore, people in whose horoscope Mars is strong and favorable, they can make deals in stocks related to all these areas.
  • Mercury – We have also talked about Mercury above that Mercury is the economic lord. Therefore, it affects companies related to economic sectors like banks, insurance companies, etc. Apart from this, it also has a deep impact on the import-export, consultancy and educational sectors. Therefore, in whose horoscope Buddha is strong i.e. in a favorable position, they can buy and trade in the shares related to them. Apart from this, those whose Mercury is favorable can also be good advisors for the stock market.
  • Jupiter – Since Jupiter is a symbol of yellow colour, it affects yellow objects more. Yellow food grains like wheat, pulses, turmeric, spices etc. Along with this, Jupiter also greatly affects gold and brass. That is why it is said that when the position of Jupiter is strong then the price of gold and brass increases. Apart from this, Jupiter also affects wealth. So the natives in whose horoscope Jupiter is strong or favorable, they can deal in all these stocks. Apart from this, such natives can also make profit in shares of physical goods (commodity).
  • Venus – In astrology, Venus is a symbol of love and sweetness. Therefore it affects items related to sugar, rice, cosmetics, entertainment and chemicals. Therefore, people who have favorable Venus in their horoscope can earn profit in the shares related to all these items.
  • Shani – The planet Saturn is a symbol of black things. Therefore, it has a deep impact on companies producing iron, petroleum goods, diesel-petrol, fuel, black clothes, black spices, black pepper, cloves, leather goods and any kind. Therefore, those who have favorable Saturn in their horoscope can take advantage of stocks related to all these items.
  • Rahu-Ketu – Rahu-Ketu brings ups and downs in the stock market as well as affects electronic and electric and foreign goods. Therefore, in whose horoscope Rahu-Ketu are favorable. They can make profit in all these things. Because everyone gets success in the stock market only when Rahu is in your favor.

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Unfavorable Position of Planets Which Can Also Cause Damage

  • If the dasha of Rahu is going on in the fifth house of the horoscope, then do not work in the stock market.
  • If Sun-Rahu or Moon-Rahu or Jupiter-Rahu, any one of these situations occurs in one’s horoscope, then the person should not work in the stock market. Otherwise heavy losses may be incurred.
  • If the time of Shani’s half-and-half or dhaiya is coming to an end in someone’s horoscope, then one should not work in the market. In this situation, the native may have to bear heavy losses.
  • If Rahu is sitting in the second house of one’s horoscope, which is the house of wealth, then one should not work in the stock market at all. Apart from this, if Rahu is situated in the center house of the horoscope i.e. in the fourth, seventh and tenth house, then do not work in the stock market, otherwise you may be financially ruined.
  • When any planet changes its position, it greatly affects the area associated with it. That’s why a planet rises, sets, moves, retrogrades, moves to a high or a low sign, then all these movements have a direct effect on the stock market. Even when there is a solar and lunar eclipse, the market is affected. But especially Rahu-Ketu and Moon influence the market more.

Astrological Remedies for Success in Stock Market

In Indian Vedic astrology, certain remedies have been given to get success in the stock market and earn good profit. By adopting which any person can earn good profit from the stock market.

  • Always keep a blue shiny handkerchief with you.
  • Feed flour tablets to fish on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Chant the Rahu Mantra “Om Raa Rahave Namah” 108 times twice a day in the morning and evening.
  • On Wednesday, make a silver star (star), put it in a green thread and wear it around the neck.
  • If you want to earn more profit in the stock market, then wear emerald gem or gomez with the advice of an astrologer. But remember, wear it only with astrological advice.

So this was the effect of planets on the stock market, their advantages and disadvantages due to change in their position. But after this it should always be kept in mind that to get more profit in the stock market, only an astrologer should be consulted. Who can tell effective ways to bring the stars in your favor. But apart from this, continuous hard work is very important to get success in any work. So keep working hard. Get information from our astrological experts today to make profit in the stock market according to your horoscope.

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