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Ranbaxy is a strong scrip to keep, suggests Ganesha

Ranbaxy is a strong scrip to keep, suggests Ganesha

Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited enjoys the status of being placed among the global giants in the pharmaceutical industry today. Incorporated in 1961, the company has a strong foothold in more than 90% of the top pharmaceutical markets of the world. In simpler words, the company caters to the customers of more than 125 countries and has world-class manufacturing facilities in 7 countries. Ranbaxy made a strong move by entering into an alliance with Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd – a Japanese leader in innovation and research, in 2008. As a result, today their joint entity now features into the top twenty pharmaceutical companies of the world.
Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology, takes a peek into the company’s horoscope and foretells how Ranbaxy will perform in the days to come.
Ranbaxy’s Horoscope


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Listing Date28 – June, 1995
Listing Time- 09.55
Listing Place- Bombay
Paid up Value- 5
Face Value- 5
Market Lot- 1
ISIN Code: INE015A01028
Products: Panixine, bulk drugs, generic drug- generic medicine, Valacyclovir, Simvastatin, Donepezil, Atorvastatin & Combinations, Co-amoxyclav & Combinations, Ciprofloxacin & Combinations, Ketorolac Tromethamine Imipenem+Cilastatin, Ginseng+Vitamins, Loratadine & Combinations

Share Holding Pattern

Foreign 9.07
Institutions 12.03
Non Promoter Corporate Holding 3.34
Promoters 63.79
Public & Others 11.77

As per its horoscope, Ranbaxy has Leo ascendant, and the Lord of ascendant is Sun, posited in House of gain of the zodiac Gemini. Sun is placed in combination with combusted Moon. The Sun will help the company plan out beneficial policies that will ensure smooth functioning of the organisation. It will also manage to seal important deals and earn more revenue.

The Lord of the House of finance and gain, Mercury, is posited in the 10th House with Venus, which is in its own zodiac Taurus. Such a combination may bring favourable results for the company. Mercury is posited in this House, due to which there may be an increase in the supply of its products in the market and the company may generate profitable business. The employees will put their heart and soul into the progress of the company. Ranbaxy will also make significant achievements in the fields of intellectual pursuits, publishing trade etc. Venus will help the company find resources for expansions, and as result, trade will flourish. It will usher in success and will create an exuberant environment.

Jupiter, the Lord of the House of speculation and stock market, is posited retrograde in the 4th House in the zodiac Scorpio. Jupiter is also the Lord of the 8th House, and this House is an inauspicious one. As Jupiter gets afflicted in this House, it may give way to undesirable activities and may adversely affect the progress, prosperity, and stock price of the company.

Currently, Rahu is passing through the House of stock price of the natal horoscope of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited. And from 07/06/2011 to 23/12/2012, Rahu will pass through the zodiac Scorpio and Ketu will transit through the zodiac Taurus. In the natal horoscope, Jupiter (The Lord of House of speculation) is in the zodiac Scorpio and Venus (the Lord of the House of profession) and Mercury ( the Lord of the House of finance) are in the zodiac Taurus. Hence, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury are disturbed by Rahu-Ketu. As Rahu falls in affliction in this House, the workers and the management may have some disagreements. Rahu, from the 4th House spells its direct influence on the 10th House, and as a result may cause harm to the top authority. Jupiter too is posited there, therefore, the stock prices may go down during this time frame.

Suggestion If Ranbaxy manufactures gynaecological products, it will prove beneficial for the company.
Ranbaxy’s Graph


The very active, highly volatile dates when wide fluctuation is likely are:
14/07/2011 to 20/08/2011
23/11/2011 to 29/12/2011
03/04/2012 to 11/05/2012
09/10/2012 to 15/11/2012

Overall, Ranbaxy is a strong scrip to keep in your Portfolio. Go ahead with it, says Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,

Dharmeshh Joshi,